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Tough Mudder Tri-State draws 20,000, T.M. – Indiana attracts 15,000

21 Nov 2011

Tough Mudder drew impressive numbers this month with 20,000 anticipated for Tough Mudder – Tri-State and another 15,000 for Tough Mudder – Indiana.

Thousands were expected at the Spartan Sprint in Malibu, California this past Saturday, November 19. Race results show that 3,841 finished the event.

According to Red Frog Events, a total of 10,518 participated in the Warrior Dash in Central Texas.

Upcoming Events
Warrior Dash: South Florida (December 3)
Tough Mudder: Tampa, Florida (December 3 & 4)
Super Spartan (8+ miles; 15+ obstacles): Texas (December 3)
World’s Toughest Mudder: Englishtown, NJ (December 17 & 18)


See below for popularity indicators as of Monday morning November 14 & 21. Even though obstacle race events have slowed down in the fall, they continue to draw fans and followers.

Tough Mudder
FB Fans:
1,215,414 (Nov 21)
1,188,955 (Nov 14)
Twitter Followers:
19,880 (Nov 21)
19,364 (Nov 14)

Warrior Dash
FB Fans:
731,880 (Nov 21)
730,053 728,243 (Nov 14)
Twitter Followers:
17,022 (Nov 21)
16,938 (Nov 14)

Spartan Race
FB Fans:
649,723 (Nov 21)
637,995 (Nov 14)
Twitter Followers:
12,974 (Nov 21)
12,840 (Nov 14)

Rugged Maniac
FB Fans:
80,761 (Nov 21)
80,296 (Nov 14)
Twitter Followers:
565 (Nov 21)
540 (Nov 14)

Metro Dash
FB Fans:
65,706 (Nov 21)
65,109 (Nov 14)
Twitter Followers:
538 (Nov 21)
529 (Nov 14)

News Highlights

Adventure Racing vs. Obstacle Racing: What’s the Difference?

Adventure races involve a lot more hardship and deprivation than a two-hour obstacle race. Adventure races are tough and only feasible for the top 5% of obstacle racers. The requirement to be proficient at navigating, mountain biking, kayaking, running, and operating on very little sleep makes adventure racing not for everyone…obstacle racing, often compared to “mud runs,” forces runners to race a course that mixes road racing, trail running, and cross country running with a variety of obstacles throughout the course to test endurance, strength, speed, and dexterity. Obstacle races vary in distance and challenge level from three mile races to near half marathon distances.

Local Race – Nashville Zombie Buffet 5K
The Zombie Buffet 5K is the first race that involves runners actually being pursued by zombies. The zombies could catch runners and turn them into zombies that would join in on chasing down the runners…The race honors five people that lost their lives on Sept. 18 during a toy run event in Clarksville, displacing 13 children. The proceeds will go to the children’s fund.

Satisfaction Survey Results for Ruckus – Kansas City
The Kansas City Endurance Sports Examiner assists race organizers with feedback and takes very seriously the issues and concerns that athletes shared along with the positive feedback as well. AVERAGE SCORE FROM 0 to 10 (10 being the best) : 7.84 MAXIMUM: 9.16 MINIMUM: 5.51

Looking ahead – The Training Log of a Death Race Contestant
Although June is several months away, Thom Miller is getting ready for the challenge of a lifetime: Spartan Race’s annual 2-day Death Race in Vermont. On Thom’s training “to-do” list: 30-mile non-stop hikes in the White Mountains, 5 a.m. runs, a snowshoe marathon, and CrossFit workouts.

Filthy Fitness: Mud runs soar in popularity
If it weren’t for the margaritas, Allison George may never have registered for the Warrior Dash…Obstacle races like the Warrior Dash have exploded in popularity over the last decade, with hundreds all over the country. The first Warrior Dash, in Joliet, Ill., in 2009, sold out with 2,000 participants. This year, 650,000 Warrior Dashers have competed in 33 events, from Florence, Ariz., to New South Wales, Australia.

Off-season Challenge: 3 Running Adventures that Will Change Your Life
With fewer obstacle races planned over the winter, are you looking for another challenge to keep you in shape for 2012 mud runs? Consider adding these three adventurous runs to your training list — they’re sure to keep you challenged and motivated: 1. The Havana Marathon, 2. The Inca Trail Marathon, & 3. GORE-TEX TransRockies Run. Some cut into obstacle race season in the summer, but training for them should help you build your conditioning and give you another new event to prep for.

No Gym, No Problem: How Your Home Gym Can Fit in a 6’x6’ Space
Trash the clutter and rearrange the furniture, and you’ll have enough room for a workout. Get space-saving exercise equipment like a dumbbell set (i.e. PowerBlocks), resistance bands, stability ball, and exercise mat. That along with monthly in-home sessions with a trainer can be enough to keep you in top form and motivated for your next athletic challenge.

Yoga’s emotional health benefits for athletes
The benefits of yoga extend to athletes, including mud runners and obstacle racers. A lot of athletes use yoga exercises as a form of meditation to clear the mind before a game, but the benefits of yoga extend beyond cleansing the mind. Four of the emotional health benefits that you can gain from yoga exercises, which are great for all athletes: 1. stress reduction, 2. increased concentration, 3. relief from depression, and 4. improved overall mood & happiness.

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