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Obstacle Race Training – Square One

27 Jul 2011

So you’ve decided to take on the challenge of an obstacle course race like the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, or Rugged Maniac. And if it’s your first time training for it, where do you start?

Regardless of which race you take on, you’ll need some base cardiovascular conditioning. If you’re not a runner, a good place to start is The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan.

This program is designed for walking/jogging three times a week and will take you about 30 minutes per session, so get out your calendar and be sure to make time for it!

To build up some strength and additional endurance, try the resistance training program below on the days you are not running. Or, if you can’t work in 5 sessions a week of training, do this on the same day as your run. It should take you about an hour to do both on a single session.

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Foam Roll:

  1. Glutes
  2. IT/Bands & Abductors
  3. Adductors
  4. Calves
  5. Upper Back

Prep Work:
Complete 8 reps of each exercise in a circuit

  1. Leg Swings (forward & side)
  2. Reverse Lunges with Overhead Reach
  3. Side Lunges with Twists
  4. Hand Walks
  5. Push Ups

Resistance Training
Complete the following exercises in a circuit
Complete circuit 2x through, rest 60s in between circuits

1. DB Shoulder Press
2. DB Squats
3. DB Bent Over Rows
4. DB Lunges
5. Push-Ups
6. Plank Hold

Cool Down
Stretch major muscle groups for 20 seconds each

1. Glutes
2. Quads
3. Hamstrings
4. Chest
5. Back
6. Shoulders



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2 thoughts on “Obstacle Race Training – Square One

  1. How many weeks should you do this before moving to the beyond square one exercises?

  2. Everyone’s a little different – some may adapt faster to this program than others. As a general rule of thumb, 3-4 weeks (or 6-8 sessions) of the square one training should provide a good foundation for newbies to move on, given that your running endurance allows you to jog/run for five minutes for the beyond square one program.

    Thanks for your question, Chris!

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