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Top 3 Obstacle Course Races attract over 23,000

28 Jun 2011

Over the weekend, the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, and Spartan Death Race combined attracted over 23,000 participants.


Tough Mudder –  Beaver Creek, CO: 9,000 (source: Denver News)

Warrior Dash –  Amesbury,  MA: 14,000 (source: Newburyport News)

Spartan Death Race (48-hour competition)  – Pittsfield, VT: 155 start; 35 finish (source: ESPN)
*Info not available for Spartan Super Race in South Carolina

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  1. Thanks for the question. The stats come from news sources. I updated the blog entry to include the source names, and you can also click on the hyperlinks to see the specific news stories.

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