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Obstacle Course Racing: A Tale of Two States

26 Aug 2011

Dozens of states, provinces, and other regions have hosted mud runs and obstacle course races this year, and many more will. This week’s news installment focuses on two of these sites.

Last weekend, nearly 13,000 trekked to Copper Mountain, Colorado for the Warrior Dash, the second major mud run race to hit Colorado this season. More than 9,000 participated in the Tough Mudder late June.

This weekend, Massachusetts will also host the second of two popular mud races when the Spartan Sprint takes place in Amesbury, which was also the site for the Warrior Dash in June. Although Sunday’s event was cancelled thanks to Hurricane Irene, Saturday’s sold out, with 4,000 expected to participate. About 14,000 took part in the Warrior Dash.

It should be no surprise that many took part in mud runs and races in Colorado and Massachusetts. Residents of each state value activity and fitness participation. According to IHRSA, one out of four (25%) Massachusetts residents frequent health clubs, while roughly one out of five (21%) in Colorado utilize fitness centers. This is significantly above the overall U.S. average of 17.7%.

Colorado is also home to the 2011 US Pro Cycling Challenge, which started earlier this week. The Pro Cycling Challenge is becoming a must-event for competitive cyclists worldwide,  purported to rival challenges unique to the Tour de France course. Let’s not forget that Colorado is also a popular winter sports destination, a good place to schedule your next fitcation.

As far as popular sporting events go, the Boston Marathon is the holy grail for long-distance runners–both competitive and recreational enthusiasts. An average of 20,000 participate in the Boston Marathon each year, with another 500,000 there to watch, making it the most viewed standalone sporting event in New England. Massachusetts is also home to many outdoor trails for hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and other sports.

So if you’ve signed up for an obstacle course race this season or even next year, chances are there may be other events your home state is hosting. Check them out as they may help you build up fitness for the race or give you another reason to step up your training!

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