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Obstacle Course Race Training Tips

2 Sep 2011

This installment features training tips from across the country for your next race. You’ll see proper form on functional exercises, insight on how to start slowly, and a challenging super circuit for a long run. You’ll also get some words of wisdom from a veteran racer.

Training For Rugged Maniac – The Powerhouse Gym in CT
A personal trainer explains the proper form for three moves to master for peak performance on event day: Chin-Ups, Sled Work & Box Jumps. If you’re beginner or advanced exerciser, you’ll find progressions to adjust the level of difficulty.

Starting Your Training – Houston’s Tough Mudders
This blog entry will give you another option for easing into your training. If you like taking your workout outdoors, this is a sequence you’ll want to try. You’ll be running outdoors with bouts of bodyweight exercises along the way: chin-ups, jumping lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats.

Super Circuit Option – Georgia Personal Trainer

This circuit is somewhat complex, but if you can figure it out, you’ll be in for a challenging workout. It’s designed for active exercise enthusiasts and fitness professionals.

Inspiration from Joe Decker – “The World’s Fittest Man”
If you’re looking for inspiration to stay focused, check out this video of the two-time Death Race champion.

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