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Local Obstacle Course Races

12 Aug 2011

Who says you need to get away for your next obstacle course race? A number of local trainers and organizers have started to put together similar races and mud runs for their local community.

Tomorrow, August 13, Rhode Island trainer Lynn Hal will host the first “Bold r Dash” race for the state of Rhode Island. According to the Providence Journal, 550 have signed up for the event at the Yawgoo Valley Ski Area in Exeter. The race is a 5k with about  20 obstacles along the way.

On November 12, Gainesville, Florida will host the Swamp Dash & Bash, a race with miles of challenging obstacles where you’ll be running, crawling, jumping, and getting muddy. This event has garnered over 250 facebook fans, not too shabby for a local race. Organizers plan to donate a portion of racing fees to The Children’s Miracle Network.

How can you find a race local to you? One way is to google your home town, city, or state along with keywords like “mud run” or “obstacle course race.” Another way is to keep up with event listings in your local newspapers. Or, you could organize your own! Partner up with your local neighborhood council or nearby health club facility.

Signing up for a nearby race is a good way to support your local economy. Also, local races are good for building up to longer mud runs like the Spartan Super, Beast, Tough Mudder, and Ruckus Challenge. So get out there, take part in your community, and then plan to get away for another challenge!

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