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The Fitcation

11 Aug 2011

What’s on your itinerary for your next vacation? For a change of pace, you may want to consider planning time for activities sure to work you out. And if you’re a gym owner or personal trainer,  you may try expanding your services to include a fitness getaway package. Integrating physical activity on vacation has become a rising trend in consumer leisure.

According to research conducted earlier this year, the Physical Activity Council found that over 30% of consumers plan to travel to take part in sports/recreation activities. Interestingly, Washington County, Oregon has experienced this phenomenon through recently hosting the Warrior Dash. More than half of participants came from 50+ miles away.

If getting dirty isn’t your cup of tea, there are many other options.

If you like other outdoor sports like hiking, rafting, swimming, mountain biking, or seasonal snow sports, you may consider vacationing at a destination known to accommodate these activities. Panorama Mountain Village in the British Columbia Rockies offers fitcation packages for you to take part in an array of sports. Here’s one traveler’s account of his experience at the resort.

One health company, Getaway Fitness, specializes in health retreats that incorporate personal training, boot camp, and spa services offered at resorts in Florida and California. If you’re a club operator with a club located in a popular vacation spot, consider offering and promoting a retreat package that include programs like Zumba on the beach, hiking bootcamps, and sports massages. Depending on your location, you may even be able to host a local dash or obstacle course race and profit from this rising trend. (For more, see tomorrow’s entry on local obstacle course races.)

If you’re short on vacation time, there’s also the option of an intra-day vacation at your local club. Life Time Fitness creates a mini-resort experience with the variety of amenities offered at their 200,000 square foot Colorado Springs location. Dabble in Zumba, get a pedicure, and sign up for a spa treatment all over the course of one afternoon.

Regardless of where you decide to spend your next holiday, getting in some activity may be easier than you think. Taking in all the sights can call for a good share of walking or even biking. Wherever you find yourself on your next trip–be it week-long trip or long afternoon–try to find your right does of relaxation and activity

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