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The 2012 Obstacle Course Race Season Kicks off this Weekend

9 Jan 2012

Although most obstacle races take place in the spring and summer, several notable mud runs are planned over the next couple months.If you’re in Florida, California, or other warm states, you may be training for an upcoming obstacle course race.

Click here to try an obstacle racing circuit a week or two before your race to test your readiness.

Building on the near 500,000 contestants that signed up for leading races during the second half of last year, these events are sure to boost the final tally for 2012.

Upcoming Events
Top Races
Metro Dash – Orlando, FL: January 14
Tough Mudder – Arizona: January 14 & 15
Metro Dash – Fort Walton Beach, FL: January 21
Warrior Dash – Central FL: January 21 & 22
Super Spartan – SoCal: January 28 & 29
Tough Mudder – Texas (Coast): January 28 & 29
Super Spartan – Arizona: February 11
Metro Dash – Houston, TX: February 11
Tough Mudder – Georgia: February 11 & 12
Metro Dash – Dallas, TX: February 18
Rugged Maniac – Jacksonville, FL: February 25
Metro Dash – Auston, TX: February 25
Super Spartan – Miami, FL: February 25
Tough Mudder – SoCal: February 25 & 26

Other Races
Tundra Challenge – Chi/Milw: January 14
Snow Dash – Echo Mountain, CO: February 4


Below are popularity indicators as of today. I’ve added five new mud runs to the list this year.
Tough Mudder
FB Fans: 1,449,040
Twitter Followers: 24,893
Warrior Dash
FB Fans: 747,387
Twitter Followers: 17,970
Spartan Race
FB Fans: 717,952
Twitter Followers: 16,335

Rugged Maniac
FB Fans: 88,081
Twitter Followers: 642

Metro Dash
FB Fans: 72,203
Twitter Followers: 589

Hero Rush
FB Fans: 33,708
Twitter Followers: 527

Down & Dirty Mud Run
FB Fans: 29,021
Twitter Followers: NA

Dirty Dash
FB Fans: 21,642
Twitter Followers: 419

Dirty Girl
FB Fans: 17,373
Twitter Followers: 715

FB Fans: 13,762
Twitter Followers: 290



News Highlights
Outside Magazine names best Adventure Races in 2011

What’s the best race for newbies, teammates, and more? Check out this article to see where the Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, and Tough Mudder rank.

Thousands already expected for Tough Mudder – Georgia
Thousands of athletes have already signed up for February’s Tough Mudder extreme obstacle run that is expected to draw more than 10,000 participants to Washington- Wilkes for a weekend.

Ohio fireman preps for Spartan Death Race
Some may call him crazy, but Antonio DiDonato of Mentor-on-the-Lake (Ohio) is excited to participate in a race that warns “you may die.”…DiDonato, a firefighter, began to train four months ago after he found out about the race. He still has 23 weeks to go before his date with destiny June 15. His training consists of “short” workouts that last from one to four hours and extended sessions where he stays physically active for 10 to 20 hours.
Are Obstacle Races too extreme?
The latest form of recreation — if it can be called that, misery might be more appropriate — to burst onto the scene is the Warrior Dash. It’s a 3.02-mile event in which participants race through mud and fire and over or through 14 obstacles ranging from rusty automotive junk to quivering tightropes and barbed wire…Warrior Dash shares its DNA with other forms of extreme racing such as Muddy Buddy and Tough Mudder and more than 1.2 million adventuresome souls [have participated in an obstacle race].

Add another mud run to the list: The Dirty Hog
The Dirty Hog, a mud-laden adventure race and obstacle course spanning some 12 miles, looks to awe participants during its inaugural run this spring. Laurinburg, North Carolina will play host to the premier event on May 5, 2012, attracting outdoors enthusiasts, dare devils, weekend warriors, athletes and more from both sexes, as well as all age groups…Participants will progress through 20 to 25 obstacles, such as the paintball challenge “Shoot the Butcher” and “Where Pigs Fly” – a test where they must ascend a rope climb and jump into a deep mud pit.

Get Your Train on in the Off-Season
Good article for advanced mudders and obstacle racers a few months away from their event – in their “off-season”…The off-season is not limited to just recuperation. Many players often participate in other sports during this time-frame which may help them stay relatively fit and potentially refine transferable skills for their primary sport…the term “transition period” has come to replace what was once called the “off-season.” A “transition-period” training program will take into account the various injuries incurred during the competitive season as well as the strength, speed, and power requirements of the sport for the subsequent competitive season.

6 Exercise Tips in Cold Weather
Obstacle race training in the cold weather? These tips may help you. 1. Wear layers, 2. Add a hat., 3. Don’t forget your gloves., 4. Avoid heavy cotton materials that sop up sweat. 5. Check the forecast. 6. Consider a face mask or scarf in frigid temperatures.



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