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What to Wear to an Obstacle Course Race: Mud Run Shoes & Footwear

18 Feb 2013
Read the most recent My Exercise Coach post on obstacle racing footwear. You’ve been working hard training regularly, preparing for your obstacle race. Now that you are ready for race day, what are your feet wearing to endure the race? What shoes are best for your obstacle race or mud run? Obstacle race-specific footwear should be [...]... Continue Reading »

What Are Your Obstacle Racing Goals?

13 Sep 2012
The obstacle racing season may slow down somewhat after October for us in the colder states. While we anticipate the Spartan Race’s Fenway Timed Trial in November here in the Northeast, many race organizers wind down for the season. That being said, what are your obstacle racing goals over the next three months? Do you [...]... Continue Reading »

Get a Grip on Obstacle Race Training

30 Aug 2012
This is a guest post by Joe Vennare, co-founder of The Hybrid Athlete and co-creator of Race Day Domination.  Training for an obstacle course race?  Awesome! I am sure you have already begun training or have at least thought about how you are going to structure your workouts.  While both running and lifting should be included in your [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Racing – The Core Training Workout

20 Aug 2012
If you’ve read my core training series, you should be familiar with the benefits of the core along with exercises that you may already include in your training program. Core training will help you with your obstacle racing prep. A strong core will help you meet head on the challenges you’ll face in an obstacle [...]... Continue Reading »

A Tough Mindset for All Obstacle Races

13 Aug 2012
The challenges of an obstacle race typically go beyond endurance and strength. If you’ve taken on a challenge like a Spartan Race, you may already know this. You may even be familiar with the mental aspect just from your training. Regardless of the race you take on: be it a long run or a 5k [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Race News: The Good & The Bad

10 Aug 2012
The past couple of weeks for obstacle races have featured some good and bad news. First, the good news: my pick is the impact of the Warrior Dash on the Genesee Township economy in Michigan. In 2011, roughly 25,000 attended the event, but this year, nearly 75,000 took part, including runners, spectators, and workers. An [...]... Continue Reading »

What to Eat Before a Mud Run: 19 Pre-Obstacle Race Meals

6 Aug 2012
If you’ve been training with a purpose, then you know the importance of proper obstacle race nutrition. Fueling adequately and properly plays a critical role in helping you endure your rigorous workouts and recovery afterwards. But what you eat before the race is just as critical. Your pre-mud run nutrition will vary depending on your [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle racing’s new social network, The Walking Dead obstacle course, and other news

27 Jul 2012
Fastest Growing Sport In America Gets Its Own Social Network (Webwire) MudMob.com, a new social network dedicated to the rapidly growing mud running community is scheduled to officially launch on August 14th…Up until now, the only way for ‘mudders’ to connect with one another (either pre or post race) was via the Facebook pages of [...]... Continue Reading »

Metro Dash going out of business, RFYL predicts $18.8 million in revenue, and more OCR news

13 Jul 2012
There have been some great highlights in obstacle racing over the past couple weeks, but the most eye-opening story was in my inbox. Just two days ago, I received an e-mail from Frawg Stomp, LLC, the company that operates the Metro Dash. I had signed up for Metro Dash – Boston earlier this year, which [...]... Continue Reading »

Home Gym Equipment for Obstacle Race Training

3 Jul 2012
If you’ve visited my training guides page, you’ve probably seen a link to obstacle training aids via Amazon that I recommend if you’re working out at home for your race. The equipment listed on this page are common to some of the recommended workouts for obstacle racing. Listed below are my picks and why I [...]... Continue Reading »

“Tribal Running” and other obstacle racing news

28 Jun 2012
It’s no surprise that most news stories keep reflecting on the popularity of obstacle races. But recent news also highlight Spartan Death Race results, new local races, and a thoughtful reflection on the Tough Mudder.... Continue Reading »

Top 13 WODs for Obstacle Race Training

26 Jun 2012
The WOD, short for Workout of the Day, is a staple in obstacle race training. If you’ve read my Top 12 for obstacle race training post, you’d see that the WOD ranks high on my list in training for a challenge like the Tough Mudder or Spartan Race. Thanks to CrossFit, the Spartan Race’s WOD [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Race Training: Strength

24 Apr 2012
Get the fundamentals down, and the level of everything you do will rise. – Michael Jordan Recently, I was asked if it would be possible to include a training program that would focus on strength alone. If you’ve been following my blog for obstacle course race training workouts, you’ve found routines to test your endurance, [...]... Continue Reading »

50,000 participate in top 3 obstacle races in March; Spartan Race raises the bar with marathon-distance obstacle race

6 Apr 2012
Roughly 50,000 (50,438) participated in top 3 obstacle races in March. Combined with the 31,000 in February and 35,000 that took part in January, the year-to-date (YTD) participation total for the big three has reached 116,000.... Continue Reading »

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