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36 Weeks To A Spartan Super

19 Jan 2015
Beginners, train for a Spartan Super in 36 weeks. Several weeks ago, a reader left a comment on this blog asking how to train for a Spartan Super in 40 weeks. Based on the outline in this post, you may be able to get ready in 36 weeks.... Continue Reading »

9 Burpees Every Athlete Should Master

29 Oct 2014
Even though the OCR season is pretty much winding down, there are still some events left to enjoy in 2014! For me, it’s the Spartan Race at Fenway Park in mid-November. I’m looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. Why? For most of this year, I’ve dealt with minor injuries and [...]... Continue Reading »

75 Obstacle Race Training Tips

7 Jul 2014
If you’ve come across this site as a result of an online search, you’ve probably noticed that MyExerciseCoach.net has a lot of content on obstacle race training and preparation. Although these posts target beginners, tips and workouts may also apply to you if you have an OCR or two under your belt. These 75 tips [...]... Continue Reading »

Running Basics for Obstacle Race Training: 2 More Running Workouts

8 Apr 2013
Running. It’s the cornerstone for obstacle race training. If you want to finish an obstacle race, you should be able to run your race distance before the big day. A little while ago, I wrote an article for AskTheTrainer.com (ATT) on four running workouts helpful for obstacle racing. These four workouts will all help build your [...]... Continue Reading »

A Week of Workouts for Obstacle Athletes

18 Mar 2013
by Joe Vennare, co-founder of The Hybrid Athlete and co-creator of Race Day Domination.  So you have signed up for an obstacle course race and are starting to second-guess your decision. The libations enjoyed during happy hour combined with peer pressure from friends – wimp, weakling, wuss – got you to agree to take on Tough Mudder, ... Continue Reading »

All You Need to Know About Metabolic Training

11 Mar 2013
If you’ve been training for an obstacle race, you may already be familiar with metabolic training, whether or not you realize it. Metabolic training is a “work-out-til-you-drop” training technique that comes in handy for building fitness and mental toughness for obstacle racing. What Is Metabolic Training? Metabolic training consists of ... Continue Reading »

What to Wear to an Obstacle Course Race: Mud Run Shoes & Footwear

18 Feb 2013
Read the most recent My Exercise Coach post on obstacle racing footwear. You’ve been working hard training regularly, preparing for your obstacle race. Now that you are ready for race day, what are your feet wearing to endure the race? What shoes are best for your obstacle race or mud run? Obstacle race-specific footwear should be [...]... Continue Reading »

8 Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Training Tips for 2013

2 Jan 2013
It’s been a little more than a year since I wrote a list of 12 training tips for obstacle racing. Heading into 2013, many of those tips still apply. But if you’re looking to shake up your routine, here are other tips to include. 1. Structured Obstacle Race Training Programs There are more structured obstacle race [...]... Continue Reading »

Dominate Every Obstacle

24 Sep 2012
Creating a training program that allows you to take on any obstacle course race should include elements of cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and race specific skills. Armed with this knowledge, we are now able to construct a theoretical mock-up of an obstacle race training routine.... Continue Reading »

Get a Grip on Obstacle Race Training

30 Aug 2012
This is a guest post by Joe Vennare, co-founder of The Hybrid Athlete and co-creator of Race Day Domination.  Training for an obstacle course race?  Awesome! I am sure you have already begun training or have at least thought about how you are going to structure your workouts.  While both running and lifting should be included in your [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Racing – The Core Training Workout

20 Aug 2012
If you’ve read my core training series, you should be familiar with the benefits of the core along with exercises that you may already include in your training program. Core training will help you with your obstacle racing prep. A strong core will help you meet head on the challenges you’ll face in an obstacle [...]... Continue Reading »

Home Gym Equipment for Obstacle Race Training

3 Jul 2012
If you’ve visited my training guides page, you’ve probably seen a link to obstacle training aids via Amazon that I recommend if you’re working out at home for your race. The equipment listed on this page are common to some of the recommended workouts for obstacle racing. Listed below are my picks and why I [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Race Training: Strength

24 Apr 2012
Get the fundamentals down, and the level of everything you do will rise. – Michael Jordan Recently, I was asked if it would be possible to include a training program that would focus on strength alone. If you’ve been following my blog for obstacle course race training workouts, you’ve found routines to test your endurance, [...]... Continue Reading »

Do One Pull Up: A Step-by-Step Guide

18 Apr 2012
People either hate or love pull-ups. If you can do one pull up, it’s probably one of your favorite upper body exercises. If you struggle with the pull up, you may avoid it altogether. Doing a pull up is a must for the Tough Mudder and other challenging obstacle races. You may get away with [...]... Continue Reading »

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