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5 Footwear Options for Obstacle Racing

12 Apr 2015
A couple years ago, I wrote a post on some of the popular obstacle racing shoes available then. A lot has changed, including the availability of the footwear reviewed in the post! Before, we only had a couple options to choose from for race day. Now, there are several athletic footwear companies that make treads [...]... Continue Reading »

What to Wear to an Obstacle Course Race: Mud Run Shoes & Footwear

18 Feb 2013
Read the most recent My Exercise Coach post on obstacle racing footwear. You’ve been working hard training regularly, preparing for your obstacle race. Now that you are ready for race day, what are your feet wearing to endure the race? What shoes are best for your obstacle race or mud run? Obstacle race-specific footwear should be [...]... Continue Reading »

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