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36 Weeks To A Spartan Super

19 Jan 2015
Beginners, train for a Spartan Super in 36 weeks. Several weeks ago, a reader left a comment on this blog asking how to train for a Spartan Super in 40 weeks. Based on the outline in this post, you may be able to get ready in 36 weeks.... Continue Reading »

Running Basics for Obstacle Race Training: 2 More Running Workouts

8 Apr 2013
Running. It’s the cornerstone for obstacle race training. If you want to finish an obstacle race, you should be able to run your race distance before the big day. A little while ago, I wrote an article for AskTheTrainer.com (ATT) on four running workouts helpful for obstacle racing. These four workouts will all help build your [...]... Continue Reading »

Top 13 WODs for Obstacle Race Training

26 Jun 2012
The WOD, short for Workout of the Day, is a staple in obstacle race training. If you’ve read my Top 12 for obstacle race training post, you’d see that the WOD ranks high on my list in training for a challenge like the Tough Mudder or Spartan Race. Thanks to CrossFit, the Spartan Race’s WOD [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Race Training: Strength

24 Apr 2012
Get the fundamentals down, and the level of everything you do will rise. – Michael Jordan Recently, I was asked if it would be possible to include a training program that would focus on strength alone. If you’ve been following my blog for obstacle course race training workouts, you’ve found routines to test your endurance, [...]... Continue Reading »

Mud Run Training for Beginner & Intermediate Fitness Levels

23 Mar 2012
Do you have your sights set on a mud run? Are you planning to put your fitness level to the test by attempting an obstacle endurance challenge like the Tough Mudder? If you’ve been following my blog regularly, you may have tried the “square one” or “beyond square one training” programs I posted a little [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Racing & Running Fitness At Home

1 Mar 2012
Thanks to a recent poll on my Facebook page, here is a program you can do 2-3x/week that will complement both your obstacle race training and running fitness goals. This program is also a good overall total body workout you can complete at home. With the exception of one exercise, all you need is your [...]... Continue Reading »

11 Rules to Fuel Your Run

22 Jan 2012
You can train hard and smart for an event like an obstacle race like the Tough Mudder or even a traditional 10-mile run, but there’s more to prepping for game day than your daily workouts. Fueling properly for your mud run or road race is critical in order to be in peak form! The right [...]... Continue Reading »

Your Obstacle Race Training Calendar: Off-Season

2 Jan 2012
If you are more than three months away from the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Run For Your Lives or other mud run/obstacle race, use this training calendar as a guide to reaching your related fitness goals.... Continue Reading »

Top 12 in Obstacle Race Training

12 Dec 2011
Whether you're training for the Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder, you may be on the lookout for tips to raise your training to the next level. If you want to reach peak fitness in time for your next mud run, try to integrate as many of these activities into your training plan.... Continue Reading »

Beyond Square One – Obstacle Race Training

10 Aug 2011
If your race day is a couple months away, and you’ve been working out regularly for some time now, chances are you have a good conditioning foundation. You may have even all ready tried and mastered the “Square One Training Program.” What’s next?... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Race Training – Square One

27 Jul 2011
So you’ve decided to take on the challenge of an obstacle course race like the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, or Rugged Maniac. And if it’s your first time training for it, where do you start?... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Course Race Training – Active Recovery

29 Jun 2011
Seasoned athletes are familiar/understand the importance of alternating rigorous training sessions with adequate rest. When you’re getting ready for a challenging event like the tough mudder, you’ll want to take on the approach of an experienced athlete: train hard and recover smart. Effective recovery goes beyond just doing ... Continue Reading »

Advanced Obstacle Race Training

8 Mar 2011
Running ten miles up a steep mountain. Climbing a 12-foot wall. Sloshing through sludge, crawling through a narrow tunnel, running through a field of live wires, swinging through buttery monkey bars. These are only a few of the challenges that make up the Tough Mudder. How do you prepare for “probably the toughest event on [...]... Continue Reading »

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