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Stay Fit in 20-minutes

2 Aug 2010

In the summer, even the most devoted of exercisers may find it hard to spend any more time than they have to working out. The truth is, you don’t have to spend much time in the gym to maintain your level of fitness. If you’re in peak shape, you’ve worked hard to get a beach-ready body, then try 3 sets of this total body circuit to keep it that way! Be sure to warm-up with a walk/jog or on a cardio machine of your choice for 3-5 minutes before starting this circuit.

1. Single Leg Deadlifts – 16 total (8 each leg)
2. Lunges – 24 total (12 each leg)
3. Planks with Knee-to-Elbow Tucks – 12 total (6 each leg)
4. Push Ups with Rotations – 10 total
5. Squat Jumps – 12
6. Body Rows – 10
7. Rest 45 seconds

One circuit should take you 5-6 minutes. For an added challenge, complete a set of 10 burpees after body rows. Be sure to keep moving from one exercise to the next with no rest to make sure you keep your heart rate elevated for a quick, efficient cardio and endurance workout!

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