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Spartan Sprint invades the Midwest; Warrior Dash hits Missouri over weekend

17 Oct 2011
The Spartan Sprint and Warrior Dash hit the Midwest and Missouri, respectively, over the past weekend. The Spartan Sprint drew as many as 8,000, while the Warrior Dash accommodated up to 10,000 participants. Virginia hosts the Tough Mudder this upcoming weekend.

Upcoming Events
Tough Mudder: Virginia (October 22 & 23)
Warrior Dash: No. Cal (October 29 & 30)
Rugged Maniac: Phoenix, AZ (November 5)
Tough Mudder: Tri-State (November 12 & 13)
Rugged Maniac: Brooklyn, NY (November 19)
Spartan Sprint (3+ miles; 10+ obstacles): Malibu (November 19)
Tough Mudder: Chicago/Indiana (November 19 & 20)
Warrior Dash: Central Texas (November 19 & 20)

See below for this Monday morning’s popularity indicators. The Tough Mudder added more than 25,000 fans and nearly 6,000 followers this past week, solidifying their lead in number of likes and gaining ground on the Warrior Dash for first place among obstacle races on Twitter. The Spartan Race is on pace to reach 600,000 fans later this week.

Tough Mudder
FB Fans: 1,124,398 (+25,076)
Twitter Followers: 16,380 (+5,917)
Warrior Dash
FB Fans: 719,726 717,331 (+2,395)
Twitter Followers: 16,499 (+144)

Spartan Race
FB Fans: 595,492 (+8,717)
Twitter Followers: 12,512 (+161)

Rugged Maniac
FB Fans: 76,537 (+1,012)
Twitter Followers: 503 (+15)

Metro Dash
FB Fans: 61,573 (+277)
Twitter Followers: 488 (+13)

News Highlights

Spartans Give Generously
One UK spartan sprint participant raised GBP1,200 (USD1,900) for a 16-month old diagnosed with a rare brain condition. This money will be spent on equipment and therapy to enhance the quality of his life. Here’s the Spartan’s story.

Sporting Events Help Bolster Poconos’ Bottom Line
“The hotel room tax revenue in the Poconos grew 6 percent during fiscal 2011, thanks to an increase in sports events for the region…more sports groups started noticing the region with events like the Warrior Dash in June, the Shawnee Mountain Mud Run and the Ragnar Relays earlier this month. Next year, another extreme sport event — Tough Mudder, an obstacle course run — will be held at the Inn at Pocono Manor on April 28 and 29.”

Lodi-area residents slog through ice water, over hills to conquer one Tough Mudder
‘Not a race, but a challenge’…For anyone motivated enough to push their physical limits and mental toughness, the Tough Mudder endurance event is rapidly becoming a standardized test. Since its first-ever course last May in Pennsylvania, the one-day adventure run has amassed half a million participants worldwide.

Zombie alert: More extreme races coming to North Bend’s Mountain Meadows 
“Halloween festivities on Mountain Meadows Farm in North Bend could look an awful lot like the start of the zombie apocalypse. The farm will be crawling—literally—with blood-spattered undead, slogging through mud, and leaping fire to run after, sometimes ahead of, the living…’The whole thing is just come out, and have a good time. It’s just meant to be a fun start to the Halloween weekend,’ said George Brown, owner of Mountain Meadows Farm which is hosting the first annual Zombie Challenge (www.zombiechallenge.com) on Saturday, Oct. 29.”

Warrior Dash learns lesson for Kansas City and moves event to spring
“The Warrior Dash will be coming back to Kansas City. This in the wake of 2 deaths related to the extreme heat during the 2011 event this summer…There might not be changes that can be made to stop people from choosing to dive into the mud pit, but organizers of the Kansas City event tackled their issues head on. The event has been moved to spring to avoid the excessive temperatures that plague the Kansas City area in the summer. The event is scheduled for May 5, 2012.”

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