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Spartan Sprint-Calgary & Warrior Dash-Colorado combine to attract over 16,000

23 Aug 2011

Calgary and The Rockies hosted a pair of dashes/sprints over the weekend. The Spartan Sprint took place on Saturday, with an estimated 1,500 contestants having registered for the race. Another estimated 15,000 signed up for the Warrior Dash in Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Looking ahead, the Spartan Sprint is already sold out in Massachusetts for this upcoming Saturday.

Warrior Dash – The Rockies (Copper Mountain): 15,000 registered (estimate); 12,687 finish
Spartan Sprint – Calgary: 1,500 registered (estimate); 1,145 finish

Upcoming Events
Warrior Dash: North Carolina (August 27 & 28)
Spartan Sprint (3+ miles; 10+ obstacles): Massachusetts (August 27 & 28)
Rugged Maniac: Louisville (September 10)
Tough Mudder: North California (September 17 & 18)
Metro Dash: Chicago (September 24)

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