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Featured Obstacle Course Race: Ruckus

17 Sep 2012

Today’s featured race is the Ruckus. Ruckus has an obstacle race for just about every age and fitness level. And if you want all the obstacles without the long-distance running, Ruckus has a course for you!

The Ruckus has two more events planned for this year and already four for 2013. More than 18,000 fans follow Ruckus on Facebook.

Here’s more information on this obstacle race, thanks to an interview with John Merry of Ruckus Sports.

Obstacle Course Races
Ruckus Challenge
Ruckus Heater
Ruckus Champions Heat
Ruckus Mini
The Boston Fearless Fall Race (unique to this year)

Number of Miles
Ruckus Challenge: 4 Miles
Ruckus Heater: 2 Miles
Ruckus Champions Heat: 8 total miles… top 10% of Challenge runners qualify for the Champions Heat, where they run the 4 mile course again at the end of the day
Ruckus Mini: For kids 2 and up, they can run through the course an unlimited number of times.
The Boston Fearless Fall: 5K

Number of Obstacles
Ruckus Challenge: 20 + obstacles including Mount Ruckmore
Ruckus Heater: 15+ obstacles including Mount Ruckmore

What is the most challenging obstacle(s) in the Ruckus?
The most challenging obstacle really depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the participant.  We pride ourselves in building an event that is challenging enough for the elite, but achievable for all.  From some of the feedback we have gathered, the Gorilla Bars are challenging, since most people haven’t practiced since the days of recess, but they are also one of the most fun!

What is the most fun obstacle?
This is another question that is up for interpretation, but the enormous slide down Mount Ruckmore is always a crowd favorite, and brings participants right to the finish line.  Obstacles like the Air Loops are always a ton of fun, because you can’t find an obstacle like this that challenges the participants quite like this anywhere.  Each obstacle is fun in it’s own way and we always hear a mixed bag of favorites.

Any training tips?
While you do not have to train exuberantly for this race, those looking to qualify for the Champions Heat and attempt to win the Golden Helmet will want to train like they would any other competitive running event.  If you have never trained or ran an obstacle race before give the Heater a shot, as it is half the distance with tons of awesome obstacles and that same great feeling that comes along with crossing the finish line!

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