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P90x: Week 9

2 Oct 2011

This week was Phase 2’s recovery week. Unlike the end of Phase 1, this time around started to feel like a recovery week. Part of that may be because I only got in 3 of the 6 workouts scheduled this week: Core Synergistics, Yoga X, & Kenpo X. No X Stretch for me. Although X Stretch is not the most entertaining workout, it’s not why I didn’t get it in at all – I just didn’t make time for it.

Now just Phase 3 left.

Up to this point, I haven’t really written much about the P90x nutrition plan. I’ve read through it, and it sounds good. But I don’t follow it to a t. I don’t like meal replacement/nutrition bars after having had my fill of them my first year as a trainer. I’m more of a shake person, and I like to make my own post-workout shakes.

Anyways, the P90x Phase 1 Nutrition Plan is designed for fat loss: close to your typical low-carb high protein, low-sugar meal plan. This is effective for fat loss, but depending on your fitness level and goals, you may not be in this phase for long since it may not be enough to sustain the energy levels needed to make it through Plyometrics and Kenpo X. If you have a lot of weight to lose and you’re doing the Classic or Lean program, you can start here and listen to your body in order to determine when to move into Phase 2.

If you’re on the Doubles version of P90x, you might want to skip ahead to Phase 2 or 3 of the Nutrition plan. Phase 2: Energy Booster is close to what’s recommended for the non-vegetarian exerciser that’s in good shape and workout regularly, following a plan similar to the Classic P90x program. If you’re an athlete or on the Doubles P90x program, Phase 3 would be more representative of a meal plan that would supply your energy needs.

As for me, being a vegetarian (most of the time), I’m somewhere in between Phase 2 & 3 nutrition plans. Precision Nutrition has a good guideline for vegetarians looking to fuel for health and performance.

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