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P90x: Week 5

4 Sep 2011

This week was challenging, not what you’d expect from a recovery week.

Core Synergistics is tough. Integrating most muscles groups for every single exercise is tiring. I remember reading once early on in my training career that a half hour of a core-intensive training session had a vastly different effect on the exerciser than a half hour of a traditional strength workout. After the core workout, exercisers actually felt sleepy, while the traditional strength training session did not leave them groggy. Some felt energetic and some felt no effect on energy level.

I’m not sure what exercises were included in the study, but I know which core exercises from Synergistics deplete me: Chaturanga anything. In plank runs to chaturanga runs, you are literally engaging about every muscle fiber in your body.

By Day 4, you’re read for Stretch X. It’s somewhat boring, but important to get through.

Looking back, I wouldn’t consider this the ideal recovery week. Core Synergistics is challenging enough to integrate into the 3-4 “on” weeks of the program. I would prefer an extra Yoga X day and Cardio X session instead. I’ll be on the lookout to see if the Core Synergistics routine becomes more manageable on weeks 9 and 13.

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