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P90x: Week 4

28 Aug 2011

This week was better than last, and I’m looking forward to recovery this upcoming week.

This week actually looks challenging. There are no strength/resistance training-based workout routines. There are a couple days each of Yoga X & Core Synergistics with a day each of Kenpo X and X Stretch. You would think the absence of weight training days would qualify this as a week to recharge, but I would think again.

During my brief stint with the P90x program last year, I recall Core Synergistics as one of the more challenging routines of the program. The circuits of core and total body drills keep your heart rate elevated and nearly all of your muscles engaged with each exercise.

Yoga X is no breeze, either. If you usually focus your workouts on resistance and weight training, sometimes at the expense of flexibility work, you’ll quickly discover neglected, tight muscles. The vinyasas and asanas are sure to be a challenge — be sure to keep a yoga block or similar object close.

I’m not sure I’d consider this a rest & recovery week just yet. So far, the first phase of P90x is appropriately intense, with adaptations possible for various fitness levels. Although the sessions are long, I haven’t gotten bored, and I’m looking forward to rest of the program.

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