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Opening Bell: Obstacle course racing popularity (7/25)

25 Jul 2011

All three leading obstacle course races held events over the past weekend: The Warrior Dash in Minnesota, Tough Mudder-Wisconsin, and the Spartan Sprint in the UK.

So far this morning, the top three obstacle course races posted numbers below in popularity points. The Warrior Dash holds the lead in number of Twitter followers as the Tough Mudder blew past the 800,000 mark for Facebook fans. In a single week alone, the Spartan Race increased their number of likes by nearly 5% thanks to an additional 19,000  fans.

Tough Mudder
FB Fans: 843,775 (+44,483)
Twitter Followers: 7,609 (+329)

Warrior Dash
FB Fans: 687,325 (+3,864)
Twitter Followers: 14,542 (+218)

Spartan Race
FB Fans: 440,798 (+19,781)
Twitter Followers: 11,514 (+68)

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