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Opening Bell: Obstacle Course Races – Participation & Popularity (8/29)

29 Aug 2011

With Hurricane Irene bearing down, Huntersville, North Carolina and Amesbury, Masschusetts hosted the Warrior Dash and Spartan Sprint, respectively. Sunday’s Sprint was cancelled due to Irene, but both races combined to attract 17,500. The Warrior Dash drew 13,500 over the two-day weekend. The Spartan Sprint sold out for Saturday with 4,000 contestants.

Warrior Dash – North Carolina: 13,500 registered;  NA  finish
Spartan Sprint – Massachusetts: 4,000 registered; NA finish

Upcoming Events
Spartan Sprint (3+ miles; 10+ obstacles): Yorkshire, UK (September 4)
Rugged Maniac: Louisville (September 10)
Warrior Dash:  Ohio (September 10)
Oregon (September 10 & 11)
Tough Mudder: North California (September 17 & 18)
Metro Dash: Chicago (September 24)

Although the pace has slowed down, obstacle course races continue to attract fans and followers. See below for this morning’s popularity indicators.

Tough Mudder
FB Fans: 957,297 (+5,677)
Twitter Followers: 8,871 (+223)

Warrior Dash
FB Fans: 704,877 (+2,458)
Twitter Followers: 15,549 (+138)

Spartan Race
FB Fans: 521,805 (+9,845)
Twitter Followers: 11,894 (+71)

Rugged Maniac
FB Fans: 66,259 (+2,350)
Twitter Followers: 411 (+17)

Metro Dash
FB Fans: 60,389 (+338)
Twitter Followers: 457 (-2)

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