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Top U.S. obstacle races attracted 65,000 in October

7 Nov 2011

Virginia hosted a two-day Tough Mudder event the weekend of October 22-23. The event attracted up to 17,000 participants. According to Red Frog Events, 13,189 participated in Warrior Dash-NorCal over Halloween weekend, while the Rugged Maniac accommodated 2,000 in Arizona on Saturday, November 5. Roughly 3,000 participated in Ruckus – Kansas City, also held last Saturday.

October Weekly Tallies:
October 3: 6,000
October 10: 11,000
October 17: 18,000
October 24: 17,000
October 31: 13,189

Upcoming Events
Tough Mudder: Tri-State (November 12 & 13)
Rugged Maniac: Brooklyn, NY (November 19)
Spartan Sprint (3+ miles; 10+ obstacles): Malibu (November 19)
Tough Mudder: Chicago/Indiana (November 19 & 20)
Warrior Dash: Central Texas (November 19 & 20)

The following summarizes popularity indicators as of this Monday morning.
Tough Mudder
FB Fans: 1,168,309
Twitter Followers: 18,895

Warrior Dash
FB Fans: 728,243
Twitter Followers: 16,812

Spartan Race
FB Fans: 627,500
Twitter Followers: 12,749

Rugged Maniac
FB Fans: 79,471
Twitter Followers: 526

Metro Dash
FB Fans: 64,229
Twitter Followers: 517

News Highlights

Athletic events go hardcore in New England
Forget about the Boston Marathon, Reach the Beach, and Hash House Harriers. The standard for hardcore athleticism has changed — in the next year, new adventure races and challenges cropping up around New England will require people to sprint away from flesh-eating monsters, scramble through mud, dart between hot wires, and plunge into chilly water.

From nation-wide to local, obstacle course races continue giving back
After participating in the Warrior Dash, Kris Latimer starts a local race for proceeds to benefit her community in Lebanon, Oregon. The run will also benefit the Oregon Military Support Network, which helps anyone affiliated with the military find assistance.

Nearly 1,700 take part in inaugural Ruckus – Kansas City
With 13,000 fans and counting, the Ruckus Challenge drew an impressive crowd Saturday, November 5th. Men and women traversed through four miles of 20 obstacles with the first participant crossing the finish line at the 24 minute-mark.

No excuses: find your reason to train
Spartan Race blog profiles a few competitors battling adversity to train and race. Battling physical disabilities and other challenges, these determined athletes find a way to achieve.

Training Tip: A Formula on How to Succeed with Your Training & Fitness Goals
Great step-by-step from one exerciser’s experiment with personal training:

  1. Find what motivates you. Is it training for a sports event, working with someone, or taking a class?
  2. Plan the days & times of your workouts ahead of time.
  3. Develop a form of accountability. It could be a friend, trainer, fitness monitor, or blog, even.
  4. Be inspired. For ideas, check out Spartan Race’s blog entry above.
Get 3 Obstacle Racing Workouts
Get three workouts and regular blog updates with training tips and racing news.

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  1. I love mud runs. I have done most of the them and the best one so far is Rebel Race.

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