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Obstacle Course Race Training with Yoga, Part 2 of 2

22 Sep 2011

No now that you’re convinced that yoga can help you with your training goals, where do you start? How do you fit it into your current program?

Before delving into answers to either of these questions, determine first whether or not you prefer to exercise independently or with friends. If you like to exercise independently, you may want to consider signing up for a couple sessions of private instruction. You can find options near you by running a google search with the terms yoga + your city/town of residence/work. If you like exercising as part of a group, a class may be ideal for you, and you can find one through the same search.

If cost is a factor, you can also consider buying a DVD. If you’ve done P90x, you may want to dust off Yoga X and include that in your current training program. If not, Gaiam has a variety of award-winning DVDs for beginners and advanced exercisers as well as yoga videos designed for specific goals.

Another option is to check your gym’s group exercise schedule since many integrate yoga classes into their programming. Equinox, Sports Clubs (Boston, New York, etc.), and 24 Hour Fitness are club chains known for diverse, quality group exercise offerings.

Once you’ve determined where to start, work it into your schedule. As mentioned in the first installment, an easy way to get it in is during your recovery or “off” weeks. You can either alternate with your current active recovery workout or substitute one workout for a yoga session.

You can also fit yoga into your current training program during your “work” or “on” weeks. If you’re training for an obstacle course race, your schedule may look like this:

Sample Training Calendar – Obstacle Course Racing

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Run Strength Training Run Strength Training Run Strength Training Rest

To fit in yoga, you can substitute one of the strength/functional training sessions for yoga.

Sample Training Calendar with Yoga – Obstacle Course Racing

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Run Strength Training Run Strength Training Run Yoga Rest

If you’re training for another adventure or endurance-type sport, your schedule may look similar:

Sample Training Calendar with Yoga – Other Sport

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Sport-Specific Training Strength Training Sport-Specific Training Strength Training Sport-Specific Training Yoga Rest

For some sports, you may actually add a fourth day of sports-specific training depending on where you stand relative to your season. It’s not uncommon for some triathletes to peak their training programs so that they are training for 7-8 consecutive days and resting for two.

If this is the case, you may find that one day of a full strength training session may be enough for your goals and substitute what would be your second strength training session with yoga. You can always work on core and flexibility as part of your warm-up and cool-down on the days you are training for a specific sport.

Find whatever works best for you for schedule, try it for several weeks, and you’ll see the benefits of yoga on your overall fitness and sports performance!

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