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Nearly 10,000 expected for Tough Mudder-Arizona; Orlando hosts Metro Dash

16 Jan 2012
The Tough Mudder hit Arizona this past weekend, with up to 10,000 expected in attendance.
Orlando hosted the first Metro Dash for 2012. Click here for race results. Approximately 150-200 participated in the event.

The Tundra Challenge also held its inaugural event in Wisconsin.

Upcoming Events
Top Races
Metro Dash – Fort Walton Beach, FL: January 21
Warrior Dash – Central FL: January 21 & 22
Super Spartan – SoCal: January 28 & 29
Tough Mudder – Texas (Coast): January 28 & 29
Super Spartan – Arizona: February 11
Metro Dash – Houston, TX: February 11
Tough Mudder – Georgia: February 11 & 12
Metro Dash – Dallas, TX: February 18
Rugged Maniac – Jacksonville, FL: February 25
Metro Dash – Auston, TX: February 25
Super Spartan – Miami, FL: February 25
Tough Mudder – SoCal: February 25 & 26

Other Races
Snow Dash – Echo Mountain, CO: February 4
Tundra Challenge – Detroit/Toledo: February 11 & 12


Below are popularity indicators as of early today.

Tough Mudder
FB Fans: 1,495,885
Twitter Followers: 25,727

Warrior Dash
FB Fans: 749,533
Twitter Followers: 18,113

Spartan Race

FB Fans: 731,351
Twitter Followers: 17,620

Rugged Maniac
FB Fans: 89,687
Twitter Followers: 659

Metro Dash
FB Fans: 72,940
Twitter Followers: 599

Hero Rush
FB Fans: 36,135
Twitter Followers: 556

Down & Dirty Mud Run
FB Fans: 29,123
Twitter Followers: NA

Dirty Dash
FB Fans: 21,743
Twitter Followers: 439

Dirty Girl
FB Fans: 18,476
Twitter Followers: 737

FB Fans: 13,816
Twitter Followers: 294


News Highlights

The UK looks forward to hosting its first Tough Mudder in May
The conventional view that a team sport requires direct competition with an opposing group is about to be shattered. So too is the commonly held idea that endurance races are long, lonely challenges during which your individual strength of mind is as important as the power in your legs and arms. These myths have already been blown out of the icy cold water and over the hay-bale run in the USA. And it’s been done by Tough Mudder, which this May comes to Britain for the very first time with the experience of 150,000 Stateside competitors.

Travlete names the 2011 Best Adventure Series
First Place: Tough Mudder – 62%
Second Place: Spartan Race – 34%
Third Place: Rugged Maniac – 2%

From Marathons to Mud Running
The BBC does a story on how long-distance runners have traded in their endurance jolts for mud runs…Marathon running has been booming for some time, triathlons have flourished recently and now people are flocking to gruelling assault courses. But how did recreational sport get so extreme?

New race comes to Aurora (Chicago-area)
“I’m hoping people will make a weekend of it,” said Charlie Zine, who developed the idea with the backing of the folks at outdoor retailer Paddle and Trail. Zine, who manages Paddle and Trail’s Aurora store at 107 Spruce St., was looking to bring something along the lines of the popular Warrior Dash or Spartan Race to Aurora…Paddle and Trail’s Amped Up Adventure Race is a six-hour race specifically designed for Aurora and its access to the Fox River and trails.

Spartan Death Race Profile: John Murphy
When it comes to doing chores around his Berthoud-area farm, John Murphy asks how he can make it harder. Murphy isn’t a masochist by nature but wants to do everything he can to prepare for the Spartan Death Race… Starting in August, Murphy began training an average of 12 to 20 hours a week by running, cycling, hiking, lifting weights, practicing martial arts, paddling and doing heavy farm work. On his 50-acre farm, Murphy picks a chore that needs to be completed and puts on a weighted vest or backpack to increase the difficulty of the work. He moves rocks and builds new buildings and fences for his Yak herd on foot, instead of using a tractor. If there is snow, Murphy does the fencing in the dark and cold with wet feet to make the work “miserable,” he said. On his runs, Murphy takes a phrase and tries to memorize it by the time he returns home.

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