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My 2012 Goal Post

29 Jan 2012

I don’t make a habit of making resolutions each January, much less sharing them, but this year I’m going to try something different. This isn’t going to be a training post, so you may not be interested in reading on.

To keep myself accountable and measure progress along the way, I’m writing down my goals for 2012:

Complete P90x2
As a personal trainer, there’s nothing quite like designing an exercise program for a specific activity. I see exercise program design for each sport like a puzzle or intricate math problem I’m trying to solve. And if you add in another variable like a bum knee or old shoulder injury, it’s even more enjoyable for me to set up a program.

That said, I also love the challenge of a well-designed fitness plan that aims to put you in the best shape of your life. It’s fun to see how it measures up with other activities and fitness programs that can do the same.

Last year, I tried P90x for the first time after my sister, a Beachbody Coach, suggested the program. She knew I liked the challenge of Insanity, and thought I’d like P90x as well. You can read my complete review of P90x here. P90x is definitely an effective program, but I prefer the intensity and conciseness of Insanity.

But the original was good enough for me to look forward to the sequel. If you’re already doing P90x2 or planning to, I’d like to hear your feedback.

Run Ruckus in June
After training a few clients to get ready for the Tough Mudder last year, I was tuned into obstacle races. Mud runs and obstacle course races may just become as big as road races and triathlons. I know there are doubters and critics out there of the new activity, but seeing that the obstacle races drew more than one million sign-ups last year, this “sport” will enjoy noteworthy time in the limelight.

This year, I have my sights set on the Ruckus in June, when they’ll be in my home state.

45 Days of CrossFit
Once I’m done with P90x2, I want to join my local CrossFit as a training block for the Ruckus. I’m also just interested in trying this training system, and now is a good chance to.

I’ve heard a lot of cheers from CrossFit veterans and jeers from some trainers because of how intense the program is at the onset. Overall, I hear it’s not for the faint of heart — I’m looking forward to the challenge and to brushing up on powerlifting techniques.

Any veteran CrossFitters out there?


Blog & Online Community
I’ve had a website for three years now. Initially, I had intended it as an address for my training business – a place potential clients can go to to find out more about me, my expertise, and my rates. I had started blogging sporadically, but not with a definitive plan or purpose.

Now, having a full-time job and a committed core of clients, I’m at a point where I don’t have enough time to take on many new clients, but I still want to share my passion for fitness and activity with as many people as I can. That was the reason why I became a trainer in the first place, and why I have the responsibility of managing market research for the health club industry at IHRSA.

With that in mind, here are my goals:

Post 100 blog entries
I want readers to have relevant, high quality content to read regularly.

Over the past six months, I’ve focused most of my blog entries on training for obstacle races and running. Looking ahead, this coverage will continue, but I also plan to cover training for other popular sports.

You won’t see much here on weight loss for its own sake because I’ve always preferred fitness for sport & activity versus a number on the scale. That being said, making weight is important in athletics and sports performance, so you’ll probably see some coverage of weight loss in this context.

Even though I’ve been writing all posts up to this point, I plan to have guest entries as well.

Reach 1,000 subscribers
I’m aiming to expand my community & reach up to 1,000 subscribers this year.

Right now I have 30, so I have a ways to go! Because I aim to make content here relevant to subscribers and readers, my open-rate goal is 40%, well above the industry average of 20%.

Redesign website
I haven’t redesigned my website since I started it, so it’s about time I do it. I hope to make it cleaner and more surf-friendly.

Reach 5,000 Twitter Followers
TweetAdder is making Twitter management a lot easier for me in sending messages and managing followers. I’m looking forward to unlocking the potential of this tool.

I’ve used Twitter to promote my e-mail campaigns and connect with other fitness professionals and exercise nuts. For me, it’s a little more personal than Facebook – it’s just more convenient to send direct & targeted messages for a larger community to see.

Reach 10,000 FB Fans
This just falls along with wanting to expand my fitness community. I’m learning more over the weeks how to make Facebook more engaging and fun for followers. And also how to distinguish the FB page from Twitter.

Some people prefer to focus their FB page on promoting company or business-only content and leave Twitter for everything else — comments, external links, etc. To me, that makes FB a propaganda page & undermines the ability of Twitter to grow your community with like-minded fitness aficionados.

When I’m on FB, I like when my “liked” pages include questions, videos, quotes, and other interesting and entertaining content that often calls for feedback or participation. Twitter has made it easier for me to keep up to date with news and training tips by just scanning over 140-character headlines…So, I’m still figuring out the best balance.

Now that I’ve written about it, FB is a great forum for not just getting the word out on your own content, but sharing external related content on your niche — like videos or article links from the Spartan Race or Active.com for me. It is a community and when you like other pages, why not share what you like with your own fans if you think they’ll like it, too?

So those are my goals for 2012. What are yours — including and beyond fitness?

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