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Beyond Square One – Obstacle Race Training

10 Aug 2011

If your race day is a couple months away, and you’ve been working out regularly for some time now, chances are you have a good conditioning foundation. You may have even all ready tried and mastered the “Square One Training Program.” What’s next?

If you can run a few miles and crank out dozens of push-ups, then you may feel ready for a super circuit. But if you’re somewhere in between where circuits of 6-7 exercises are getting easier, but 18-20 in a row are currently too challenging, then you may benefit from an intermediate program.

Try this workout after warming up:

  1. 5 minute jog at moderate pace
  2. Strength circuit with Kettlebell (KB)
    a. 20 KB Squats*
    b. 20 KB Swings
    c. 20 KB Single Arm Rows (10 each arm)
    d. Repeat a-c
    e. Rest 30 seconds
  3. 5 minute jog at moderate pace
  4. Strength circuit with Bodyweight
    a. 20 Push Ups
    b. 10 Squat Jumps
    c. 20 Dips
    d. Repeat a-c
    e. Rest 30 seconds
  5. 5 minute jog at moderate pace
  6. Flexibility circuit
    a. 10 Hand-walks
    b. 10 Knee Tucks (on the floor)
    c. 10 Scorpions (on the floor)
    d. 10 Iron crosses (on the floor)

The circuit should take you about a half-hour. Including your warm-up and cool-down stretches, the entire routine should take you a total of 45 minutes.

Only have 20 minutes? Do one set through of the strength circuits and do 3 instead of 5 minutes worth of the running bouts.

*Easier: Hold KB with both hands at chest height.
Harder: Hold KB with one arm at shoulder height. Switch sides after 10 reps



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2 thoughts on “Beyond Square One – Obstacle Race Training

  1. This & your other workouts are extremely helpful. I just finished my first mudder yesterday & am looking forward to being in better shape to do the next one faster & with less “boosts” from my hubby 🙂

  2. Good to hear, Krista, and great job finishing your first mudder!

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