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Your In-Season Obstacle Race Training Calendar

12 Jan 2012

calendar-547619_1280Do you have obstacle races still on your calendar over the next month or two? If so, you’ll want to peak your fitness during this time and leave the week before the big day to scale back with light training.

How should you plan your workouts? By now you should have a solid fitness foundation, so you can focus on specific obstacle race and mud run training.

To fit everything in before your race, try the sample training calendars below. The first is a 5-day workout week with single sessions five days a week.

Obstacle Race Training Calendar: Single Sessions

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Run OCR Training

Rest OCR Training
Run or
Other Cardio
(i.e. HIIT)
or other
Active Recovery

On days when you are completing an OCR training circuit, you can also try this at-home obstacle race training routine if you are limited with equipment. You can also try this other intermediate-level workout to mix things up.

If any of these are too intense, try working on the square one training circuit for a couple weeks. But you’ll need to progress to the intermediate and advanced level workouts soon to be ready for your race! If this isn’t possible, you may want to consider giving yourself an extra month and signing up for a later event.

Lastly, if you can, try to get out to an obstacle course training site on the weekend to work on obstacle-specific skills.

The second (scroll down) is a 5-day workout week where you will be completing two daily sessions twice a week.

It’s not uncommon for athletes to work in a second session, especially when they’re a couple weeks away from scaling back or an active recovery week. It’s not always necessary, but it may be helpful if you’re an advanced exerciser, you have the time, and feel like one or two weekly double sessions will help you raise your game.

A few guidelines on double sessions:

  • Fuel up. when you have two workout sessions a day, it’s not the time to cut down on calories. Be sure you have enough energy to get you through the day and two training sessions.
  • Get enough rest. You’ll need good quality sleep so your body can recover from a double session.
  • Listen to your body. If you’re just a few weeks away from your race, you don’t want to over-train at this point. If you experience any of the characteristics of over-training like plummeting energy levels, tiredness, loss of appetite, etc., it may be better to stick with a single session a day.

On double session days, it’s best to complete your priority first. So for example, if you’re weakness is cardio, plan to do a cardio-focused workout or WOD at the beginning of the day and strength train later on.

Obstacle Race Training Calendar: Double Sessions

Mon Tues
Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Session 1 Run Cardio
or WOD
 Run Easy Cardio Run or
Session 2 OCR Training
OCR Training


As always, try to take a recovery week every 3-4 weeks of hard training. Try to plan your training so that the week before your race is a recovery week.


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