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Obstacle Course Race Directory

28 Mar 2012

How many obstacle course races are there? Many! Maybe even too many to track now.

This directory is a work in progress. When I originally started the list September of 2011, there were less than 30 races listed. By mid-2012, there were more than 50. Now, there are easily hundreds of OCR and mud run organizers.

Right now the directory includes national and regional OCRs based in the U.S. I’ll be updating it regularly and soon to include international races, but if there’s a race you know of that’s missing and you know the distance and number of obstacle courses for it, let me know.

National & Regional Obstacle Course Races (Based in U.S.)

Race Obstacles Distance
Tough Mudder* 20+ 10-12 mi
Spartan Sprint* 10+ 3+ mi
Super Spartan 15+ 8+ mi
Spartan Beast 20+ 10-12 mi
Warrior Dash* 10+ 5k
The Zombie Run 10+ 5k
Rugged Maniac 15+ 5k
Down & Dirty Mud Run – 5k 20+ 5k
Down & Dirty Mud Run – 10k 20+ 10k
Dirty Girl Mud Run 12+ 5k
Men’s Health Urbanathlon Sprint 7 3-5 mi
Men’s Health Urbanathlon Classic 14 10-12 mi
Run Amuck 10+ 3-5 mi
Devil Dash 14 5k
Hell Run 12 3.15
Gladiator Rock ‘n Run 17 3.1
Mean Streets 14 5k
Terrain Mud Runs 20+ 5k, 10k & 20k
The Original Mud Run 12+ 5k
Mudathlon 40 3 mi
MudMan X 20 8-10k
The Dirty Dash 10+ 5k & 10k
The Survival Race 14 5k
5k Foam Fest 15-30 5k
Renegade Playground Challenge ~15 5k
Race the Reaper 20 6+ mi
Superhero Scramble 20+ 4, 8 & 13+ mi
Mud Factor 6+ 5k
Diva Dash 11-12 5k
Pretty Muddy Run 13-15 5k
LoziLu-Women’s Mud Run 10-12 5k
Cerebrun 15+ 6-8 mi
Rebel Race 5k 25 5k
Rebel Race 15k 75 15k
The Civilian Military Combine NA 4+ mi
BADASS Dash 30+ 7k
Extreme Nation 20 5k
ROC Race 10-12 5k


*Also hold races in select international countries such as Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia.
Please note: This list includes day races only — not included are longer, multi-day challenges like the Death Race & GoRuck Challenge.

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20 thoughts on “Obstacle Course Race Directory

  1. Heroes of Olympus Endurance Challenge is a 5k race through rutted trails, mud pits, 100-yard lake, steep inclines, steep declines, through water, and at least 12 obstacles to overcome. Participants receive a Heroes of Olympus Endurance Challenge t-shirt, a completion medal, laurel wreath, water stations along the course. One male and one female overall winner will be crowned for best completion time. One male and one female winner from each age division as well. Food, beverage, artisan, and merchandise vendors will be on-site and the day closes with the Rockin’ Toga Party! http://www.heroesofolympusrace.com. Spectator tix available.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about your race! Heroes of Olympus has been added to the directory.

  3. There is a Terrain Mud Run which are national events, 5K and 5 miles, http://www.terrainmudrun.com.
    Here in Southern California there are many additional events. They are:
    Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run and ASYMCA Mud Run, 10K, http://www.camppendletonraces.com
    San Diego Mud Run,5K, http://www.sandiegomudrun.com
    San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. Mud Run,5K, http://www.sbsdmudrun.com
    SEB Mud Run, 5 miles, (Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept.), Check Google
    Volkslauf, 5k and 10K, http://www.volkslauf.com
    NCTC Mud Run, about 5K, check Google and http://www.active.com

  4. Thanks, Stephen! I added the active races I found additional information on. Sorry about the delay – it took me a few days to look into the mud runs you listed.

  5. Thanks, Bridget! I’ve updated the list with the Mad Dog Fitness Challenge.

  6. Hi from Hero Rush – just wanted to let you know our races will have 15-20 obstacles. Thanks!

  7. Hi Diane,
    Thank you! I have updated the list for the Hero Rush.
    Thanks again!

  8. Rock the World is a 5k adventure trail obstacle race and live music festival. You will have a chance to tackle a dozen of the world’s most distinguished landmarks on a course laced with dirt, mud, grass, and water. These landmarks will do everything they can to slow you down on your way to a thrilling victory. When you are finished basking in the glory of victory, grab some food and a drink while our bands crank up the music for the best after-party around! Our upcoming June 30 & July 1 event in the Lansing, MI area is in your directory. But we will also be holding an event in the Detroit area on September 29 at Willow Metropark in New Boston, MI, that we would like to add to your directory! You can register now at: https://cui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=2247801&mailingId=&recipientId=&style=active

  9. Thanks for the update! I added your New Boston, MI location to the list.

  10. CerebRun (www.cerebrun.com) is the world’s first mental mud run. Check out the website. It is 5-7 miles, depending on how well you do with the puzzles, and contains 15+ obstacles.


  11. Thanks, Jeff! I’ve added Cerebrun to the directory. Sounds like fun!

  12. R3 Ops (www.r3ops.com) is a new mud run with options for people of all fitness levels that will take place in Wilkes-Barre, PA on July 20th, 2013. It is a 5K with 14 obstacles and is sponsored by Coors Light. There’s an after-party with food and beverages and a grand contest worth thousands of dollars.

  13. Hi,
    Thanks for the comment and feedback! I’ve updated the list so that only national & regional OCRs based in the U.S. are included. I’ll be working on adding international OCRs and mud runs. I welcome any suggestions of UK-based organizers that hold at least a couple events a year.
    Thanks again!

  14. If you are around Wright City, MO (St. Louis) you should come to the Best Mud Run in the Midwest…. The Battlegrounds! They are a permanent mud run that has a unique obstacle called the Gauntlet, which has 6 different lanes with various difficulty to cross the muddy water. Its a great time!

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