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Getting Started

13 Feb 2008

We’re all familiar with wanting to start a new beginning on the right foot. Whether it’s New Year’s, a birthday, rehab after knee surgery, or just a newly found desire to use fitness as our best medicine, we pledge to make exercise and health an important part of our lives. Get active through consistent gym attendance or daily walks and easy jogs in the outdoors. Work with a physical therapist and qualified fitness professional to recover and strengthen weak muscles from an old injury. Our first few attempts at fulfilling these tasks are successful, but we often and soon lose our commitment to these new priorities.

Health club managers can attest to the fact that even though January is an excellent month for membership sales and facility usage, resolutioners typically taper off in gym attendance by April. Ironically, at a time when exercise may be a refreshing break from tax return woes, we stop using the gym. Most of us don’t return until next January—better health, weight loss, and more energy wait another eight months. When it comes to rehabilitating an injury or alleviating chronic pain, exercise sounds like a good idea, but staying active can be challenging when those first few sessions often leave us with more soreness and pain than when we started.

We all have reasons why we don’t fulfill the promise we make to exercise more regularly, but there are a couple that are common to all of us. First of all, we all know that exercise is challenging—everything from making time for a work out to actually getting through a strenuous session is no simple accomplishment in our all ready hectic, exhausting lives. Getting into better shape is tough, but once we accept that challenge, we can move onto figuring out ways to make our pursuit of good health not only worthwhile, but somewhat fun…or at least bearable. A strenuous hour on the treadmill, lifting heavy weights, and an abbreviated bout of stretching all ready sore muscles is not everyone’s idea of fun after a long workday.

Another reason why we lose sight of our fitness goals is because they may be too task-oriented and carry little meaning to us aside from a personal obligation. Staying motivated to exercise starts with setting meaningful, reasonable goals—goals that visualize ourselves reaching as we endure challenging exercise sessions. Hopefully that vision can serve as inspiration to balance all your daily tasks with exercise and eating well as you reach for all the relevant milestones to live that clear vision—to make that goal a reality. Keeping that end goal in mind will help you in developing the right action plan for you to reach your best state of health.

If you’re curious to know how you can stay on track with your goals and make exercise practical and enjoyable, keep reading!

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