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Growing Your Training Business During Economic Downturns: Small-Group Training Workshops

19 Oct 2008

Fall can be a profitable time of year to get business starting back again! When summer comes around, clients take the time to enjoy vacations and pleasant weather at the expense of structured exercise. Fall is a great time to run special promotions and training packages to get clients back into the swing of working out.

If your clients have taken a good chunk of time off during the summer, then chances are they may be looking to invest in training on a budget. Focus on offering affordable training packages. Although discounted private training is a common promotion, partner and group training options will be a lot more wallet-friendly. If you don’t offer partner and group training, consider adding it to your portfolio of services. For pricing partner and group training, a general guideline to follow would be time and a half for partner training and double-time for group training. For example, if you typically charge $50/hour for private training, partner training pricing would be $75/hour split between two clients, while group training would be $100/hour shared among three or more participants.

If you all ready offer these semi-private training services, consider running a themed or goal-oriented workshop series. Fall can be a great time to exercise outdoors. An outdoor boot camp at a local park or as part of a weekend series of short hikes are a couple workshops you can run to attract outdoor-oriented exercisers. Workshops can also be structured around fitness goals shared among group members. Circuit training with bouts of high intensity exercises, free weight instruction, and functional training for winter sports are workshop ideas designed for fat loss, strength, and sports-specific goals.

Deciding what specific workshop series to use will depend on your specific clientele. Review PAR-Q’s and ask your clients to refresh your memory on their goals and activities of interest in order to determine what themed workshop to run. Also consider what training environments or tools are readily available to you—is there a park local to you and/or clients, do you have portable equipment to increase variety for outdoor training sessions? What space constraints at your facility should you keep in mind to determine how many clients you can accommodate for small group training? Try to strike a balance between planning ahead and being creative with workshops, and your clients will be more than happy to work with you in a budget-friendly, but effective exercise setting.

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