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Featured Obstacle Race: Rugged Maniac

8 Aug 2012

Today’s featured race is the Rugged Maniac. The Rugged Maniac is a popular 5k obstacle race, with more than 12 events planned this year in the U.S. This race has more than 150,00 Facebook fans and nearly 1,500 Twitter followers.

Here’s more information on the Rugged Maniac, thanks to an interview with Rob Dickens of Rugged Races, LLC.

Obstacle Course Race/Mud Run
Rugged Maniac

Number of Miles
5k (3.15 miles)

Number of Obstacles

What is the most challenging obstacle(s) in the Rugged Maniac?
It depends on each person’s strengths and weaknesses.  For some, it’s impossible to get over the 8′ walls without help.  For others, crawling across a net suspended 20 feet in the air forces them to face their fear of heights. Yet others think the running is the hardest part.

What is the most fun obstacle?
Without a doubt it’s the 40-foot water slide.  It’s everyone’s favorite simply because gravity does all the work!

Obstacle Race - Slide

Any training tips?
If you can’t run (not jog) 3 miles without stopping to catch your breath, then start running!  For everyone else, we offer The Rugged Regimen, a set of hardcore workouts designed to take your fitness to the next level.

What’s unique about this race?
Several things.  We strive to eliminate lines in all aspects of our courses.  While other races will have backups at obstacles that force runners to wait over 5 minutes just to get on, we are proud to say that we design our courses to completely eliminate back-ups, not just reduce them. We also have the highest percentage of female runners of any co-ed obstacle race in the country.  We’re now at the point where we have slightly more female runners than male!  This is a testament to the fact that we’ve welcomed women with open arms from the very beginning whereas other races marketed themselves as only something the manliest of men should attempt.

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