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Featured Obstacle Course Race: Rebel Race

26 Feb 2013

Today’s featured race is the Rebel Race. The Rebel Race has at least 6 events planned in 2013.

More than 28,000 fans follow the Rebel Race on Facebook.

Here’s more information on this obstacle race, thanks to an interview with Rebel Race Media.

Great Wall Rebel Race

Obstacle Course Race
Rebel Race

Number of Miles
Rebel Race 5k
Rebel Race 15k

Number of Obstacles
Rebel Race 5k: 25 obstacles
Rebel Race 15k: 75 obstacles

What is the most challenging obstacle(s) in the Rebel Race?
Rebellious Roping (not even 5% of rebels finish it). You have to get over the pond on the rope climb without falling in the water! Check out the video on www.rebelrace.com.

What is the most fun obstacle?
Slimy Slope Slide

Slimy Slope Rebel Race

What’s unique about this race?
We are a weekend long get-away for athletes.  You can hang out all weekend camping!

Any training tips?
Run 3 miles 2x a week, and when lifting weights do high reps.  The best thing to do is P90X!

Photos courtesy of Rebel Race’s Facebook page.

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