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Cyclocross, a post in pictures, and other obstacle racing news

5 Oct 2012

Cyclocross races offer fun, challenges (columbiatribune.com)

“Cyclocross racing is an off-season competition for serious cyclists that begins after Labor Day. Columbia cyclist Michelle Windmoeller said the sport helps road racers stay in shape, while others, such as Butler, use the less intense competitions to get into shape…The 45-minute lap races sanctioned by USA Cycling cover courses that range from three-quarters of a mile — the distance at Albert-Oakland — to 1¾ mile, which was the course for a muddy event on Wednesday in St. Louis. Cyclists encounter a variety of surfaces — grass, dirt and pavement — and must deal with barriers, which yesterday included a sand pit and 2-by-6 boards placed across the racing path in two locations.”

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Racing through mud and obstacles (seattletimes.com)

A post in pictures.

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Obstacle events take fitness to the extreme (San Francisco Chronicle)

“In the last few years, Tough Mudder and a slew of extreme outdoor competitions have exploded in global popularity among fitness fanatics, challenge-seekers and masochists who want to push themselves beyond the rigors of a run-of-the-mill endurance run…By the end of this year, an estimated 400,000 will have participated in Tough Mudder’s 35 events across the country…Other extreme obstacle courses have sprung up in the last five or so years as well. There’s the Spartan Death Race, the Warrior Dash, the Survivor Mud Run, and the Down and Dirty Mud Run. They vary in length and challenges, but they typically involve fire, mud, water, ice, walls, tunnels and barbed wire.”

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Obstacle-style races surging in popularity, making triathletes look like pansies (grindtv.com)

“The rising popularity of extreme obstacle events such as Tough Mudder, the Spartan Race, and Warrior Dash suggests that Ironman triathletes, ultra-runners, and ultra-cyclists no longer own the title of the most insane athletes on the planet. Indeed, the suffering brought on by ultra-endurance events–which can include heat stroke, horrific blisters, and just general body pain and tiredness that lasts for weeks at a time–is oh so yesterday. Today, all the cool kids are happily subjecting themselves to electrocution, freezing water, barbed wire, and other hardships common to this new breed of obstacle-course racing.”

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Muddy obstacle races such as Gladiator Assault Challenge proving popular (gazettextra.com)

“Forget the standard 5k or half marathon on a flat, paved surface. Try running through flames 4 feet high, crawling on your hands and knees under barbed and electricified wire, scaling a few 12-foot walls, and then jumping from a 12-foot platform into a pond. Those are just a few of the challenges participants face in increasingly popular—and muddy—obstacle races such as Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash. “It challenges you more than just an endurance run,” said 19-year-old Patrick Knutson, who completed a Tough Mudder race earlier this month with his Janesville friends. “It’s about conquering things you couldn’t do, and it’s just more of a mental and physical challenge.” At least 1,700 athletes will test their endurance and fears this weekend as they complete the Gladiator Assault Challenge on the ski slopes and wooded trails at Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva.”

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Riverstone to host Toro Loco Challenge (yourhoustonnews.com)

My little dog“The obstacle race offers two events, the 10K Raging Bull, which is designed to test physical strength and endurance and includes a 200-foot zip line, and the Leisurely Longhorn course, a less competitive — but still muddy — challenge for families — and dogs. Supporters can watch the action from Toro Town, a festival that includes concessions, a mechanical bull, dunk tank and other activities. The Riverstone race is one of just two planned this fall in Texas and the only Toro Loco Challenge in the Houston area.”

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Casper College hosts sensory obstacle course fundraiser (k2radio.com)

The Casper College Occupational Therapy Assistants Club will be holding a fundraiser obstacle course on Sunday, Oct. 7 from 2 to 5 p.m. “Come Lose Your Senses” will feature a variety of fun obstacles with a bit of a twist: participants will go through each obstacle with one of their senses disabled for each obstacle. The idea is to give participants an idea of what it is like to suffer from sensory processing disorder.

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Only thing to fear is ‘making fool of myself’ (nashuatelegraph.com)

“The time has come for me to find out if I really can climb a rope. I will take part in the Renegade Playground Challenge – self-described as not “your ordinary 5K” – at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, my first time running an obstacle course race. Way back in June, when I signed up for the race, I asked Shelby Young, one of the personal trainers at Hampshire Hills, for a workout that would help me prepare for the race. He gave me one, and it promptly kicked my rear end. The workout involved things to improve, like my grip and ability to pull, strength, agility and hip mobility…as I head into the final week of preparation, my goal remains the same – trying not to make a fool of myself.”

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Thousands of runners to be chased by “zombies” (orlandosentinel.com)

Zombies“Being chased by more than 700 zombies through a four-mile obstacle course may seem like a scene from a scary movie.You can be part of that scene by lacing up your running shoes Nov. 17 for the next Run for Your Lives 5K adventure race…”We expect about 7,000 to 8,000 people to run in Clermont, with probably a few thousand more spectators,” event coordinator Olivia Orth said. “We even have zombie 5K groupies. Some have come to three events already this year.”

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