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Corporate Wellness – Starting A Program at Work

12 Jul 2010

Once you’ve understood the importance of workplace wellness, thinking of ways to implement health and fitness promotion into your company culture is the next step. Integrating wellness into your corporate community follows some of the similar steps you would take in starting a new work project.

* Evaluate your company’s needs and goals. Now that you are familiar with some of the employer benefits to having a corporate wellness program, articulate the target benefits that are most relevant to your organization. Are you seeking to reduce health care costs? Improve employee retention, morale, and productivity? Be sure to express these goals so that they are relevant, attainable, and measurable.

* Assess your employees’ needs and goals. Conducting a short, simple survey related to employees’ health needs and fitness goals can help in the employee buy-in of the program, which is particularly important if you plan to partially subsidize the costs and pass on some of the expenses to staff.

* Establish a budget for investment. Getting a good idea of how many company funds will be allocated into the program is important before contacting businesses specializing in workplace wellness for more information. You may find that you have substantial resources in-house to support your company and employees’ goals. There may be simple initiatives you can implement with the help of a local fitness professional.

* Track progress and return on investment. Establishing a way to measure results for a corporate wellness program may be an involved undertaking, but it’s a worthwhile task to see how good health and fitness adds to your bottom line, which is especially helpful at the end of your fiscal year! The specific metrics you use to track progress and returns will depend on company and employee goals. For example, to determine how much you may have saved in health care costs, you would need to have a record of health care costs before implementing a wellness program as a reference point to compare program investments and savings against. Collaborating with a qualified professional in setting and measuring goals will help you optimize the benefits of a workplace wellness program.

Just as program design varies from exerciser to exerciser, athlete to athlete, the right corporate wellness program will vary from worksite to worksite. Consider your company goals and employees’ health and fitness need as you determine whether or not you have enough resources within your organization to implement an effective program. Chances are you may benefit from contacting a specialist in workplace wellness in order to maximize the returns of a corporate wellness program without breaking the bank! Contact us for more information on how our group training programs may help you get the most out of a corporate wellness program.

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