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Corporate Wellness – Benefits to Employers

21 Jun 2010

Seeing that Americans are not exercising as much as the Surgeon General recommends, incorporating wellness and activity at the workplace provides a solution to placing health living within reach. Promoting healthy behavior at work has benefits beyond the individual employee, relevant to the employer and overall organization. With the tools for health education and fitness instruction, employers can reap the following rewards from workplace wellness programs:

*Reduced rates of absenteeism
* Increased productivity
* Decreased health care costs
* A return from $1.49 to $13 for every dollar invested in wellness
* Higher employee attraction and retention
* Heightened employee morale and energy levels
* Lower disability costs and workers’ compensation claims

Many research studies have uncovered findings that highlight the need and benefits of workplace wellness. This information is covered extensively by resources on corporate wellness such as The IHRSA Economic Benefits of Regular Exercise publication and Corporate Wellness Magazine.

* The annual estimated economic burden of prevalent diseases and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and cancer range from $144 to $368 per employee.
* Chronic disease accounts for roughly 75% of all health care spending, according to the Center for Disease Control. A healthy lifestyle characterized by regular exercise and proper nutrition can help decrease chronic disease by over 80%.
* Nearly one-third of American adults are obese. Studies have shown that as an employee’s weight increases, so do an employer’s direct and indirect costs.

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