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Corporate Wellness – Benefits to Employees

28 Jun 2010

Most of us are familiar with the healthy rewards of exercising regularly. Hardly a day goes by where we are not reminded of these benefits by friends, family, and the media reporting recent study findings. Research has shown that consistent exercise produces the following benefits:

* longer life,
* increased energy,
* reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and other chronic illnesses,
* decreased stress and anxiety,
* a stronger skeletal and muscular systems, possibly delaying the onset of osteoporosis,
* enhanced mental clarity and creative thought, and
* a healthy weight management aid

Probably of most interest is the health care costs we can decrease by engaging in regular exercise. A majority of Americans suffer from at least one chronic condition. These chronic conditions are estimated to cost an individual over $1,800 per year in health care expenses. Regular exercise is an integral component in prevention and treatment of these diseases. Imagine keeping nearly $2,000 in your pocket each year thanks to exercise. You can use that saved money towards a trip to the beach to show of your stellar health!

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