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Collaborating with other Professionals

20 Jul 2008

We work in a field where confidence in what you know is not just highly valued, but absolutely necessary to make a living and be a great trainer. With so many approaches and theories out there on training and exercise techniques, our clients need us to know our stuff and be able to communicate what we know with clarity and conviction. Sometimes this belief in ourselves can border on arrogance, and although there’s nothing wrong with being cocky about what you know and can do to help your clients reach their goals, there is no place for the narrow-mindedness than often accompanies a high and mighty attitude.

Because our industry is constantly evolving, continuously undergoing short-lived fads and more enduring revolutionary techniques, we need to stay open to what our fellow professionals can teach us. Working for a large gym, a “team” approach to training and winning clients over is the common operating attitude for a training department. Learning from other trainers through informal conversations and in-house educational meetings are ways most large fitness corporations encourage professional growth while promoting openness to new techniques

But once you’re on your own with the days of working the fitness floor behind you, wit a steady stream of clients to run your own independent business, there’s no fitness director to hold you accountable to networking with other trainers. And ironically, it’s when you’ve struck out on your own that these professional relationships are most important for you and your business. Picking the brains of other fitness professionals can give you insight on new training modalities, general exercise tips, and ideas helpful for growing your business.

Networking with other trainers doesn’t have to take too much of your time, especially when you’re all ready more than busy training existing clients, prospecting potential new ones, and managing your overall business. The next time you attend a conference, workshop, webinar, or any other educational forum, make it a point to get the contact information for speakers and chat with fellow attendees. Creating a network of professionals and entrepreneurs like yourself will come in handy when you need expert advice on expanding your business from a mobile service to your own studio or input on programming for a client with needs outside of your typical scope of practice.

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