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Choosing a Fitness Professional

5 Mar 2008

Let’s face it: even when we put our best foot forward and vow to exercise regularly, we lose sight of that goal. Or sometimes help may be needed in articulating that goal to set the right action plan to reach it. It’s reasonable/understandable to need help keeping such an important commitment to yourself, and there are many qualified fitness professionals to help you reach your goals as they provide you with a balanced, customized exercise plan.

Looking for the right fitness coach will take some time and research, but it will be worth it. If your health care specialist hasn’t all ready recommended a specific trainer, you can start your search by inquiring about training from your local health clubs, training facilities, and community centers. Ask to speak with the fitness director/manager of the training department to learn more about their philosophy and areas of expertise. Most facilities will assure you their fitness professionals are certified and list an alphabet soup of organizations through which their staff has been trained. Ask the director about these specific certifications, which ones their facility prefers, and why. You want to know that the fitness staff is required to complete an extensive, scientific and/or medical-based training curriculum to become a fitness specialist on their health club staff, not a weekend course in counting sets and reps. Also, be sure to ask if their trainers are CPR/First Aid certified.

If the director can relate how the staff’s expertise and training can help you meet your specific goals, you may be a step closer to finding the right fitness specialist for you. Once you’ve discussed your goals, be sure to go over any additional concerns or unique needs. If you have any special health conditions or athletic aspirations, be sure to ask if they have an expert on staff proficient in designing programs with those issues in mind.

To sum it up, to find the right fitness coach for you, look for a professional that has completed an extensive fitness education curriculum, is CPR/First Aid certified, and can help you with your specific needs and overall goals. When you’ve found all these requirements, schedule a couple sessions with your newly found coach to further discuss your goals and start establishing an exercise plan to reach them.

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