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Top obstacle races attract over 13,000

12 Jul 2011
Over the weekend, the Warrior Dash and Spartan Death Race combined attracted over 13,000 participants. Breakdown:... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Course Racing Highlights

8 Jul 2011
Fitness business owner wins Spartan Death Race (Carmel Valley News) Joe Decker, owner of Gut Check Fitness in San Diego, won the Spartan Death Race in Pittsfield, VT. The race started with roughly 150 participants and finished with about 35. Among the 35 finishers were brothers from Lincoln, RI and a local VT woman (one [...]... Continue Reading »

Spartan Sprint attracts nearly 3,700

7 Jul 2011
Being a holiday weekend, it was relatively quiet for obstacle course racing. It looks like the only event of the weekend was the Spartan Sprint race in Ottawa, where 3,700 took part. Next weekend: Warrior Dash – Ontario (July 9) Super Spartan – Utah (July 9)... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Course Race Training – Active Recovery

29 Jun 2011
Seasoned athletes are familiar/understand the importance of alternating rigorous training sessions with adequate rest. When you’re getting ready for a challenging event like the tough mudder, you’ll want to take on the approach of an experienced athlete: train hard and recover smart. Effective recovery goes beyond just doing ... Continue Reading »

Top 3 Obstacle Course Races attract over 23,000

28 Jun 2011
Over the weekend, the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, and Spartan Death Race combined attracted over 23,000 participants. Breakdown:... Continue Reading »

Fitness Tips for Battling the Monday’s

24 Jan 2011
If you are one of many that renewed healthy goals this year, you’ll be sure to find (if you haven’t all ready) that Monday poses unique challenges to stay on track with resolutions! It all ready paints a dismal path to know that 50 percent of exercisers that set a goal to exercise discontinue within [...]... Continue Reading »

This Week’s Exercise News, Vol 1

10 Dec 2010
Looking for healthy-oriented gifts this Holiday season? The latest gadgets include devices to help those on your list track their fitness progress and stay focused on their goals in the New Year.... Continue Reading »

Stay Fit after a Relapse

16 Aug 2010
Finding the discipline and motivation to eat healthy during the summer can be just as challenging as making time to exercise. It’s not uncommon to compromise your diet plan beyond the weekly cheat meals you allow yourself. Accept these relapses and try to balance prolonged cheat meals (or days!) with healthy eating days and short, [...]... Continue Reading »

Stay Fit in 20-minutes

2 Aug 2010
In the summer, even the most devoted of exercisers may find it hard to spend any more time than they have to working out. The truth is, you don’t have to spend much time in the gym to maintain your level of fitness. If you’re in peak shape, you’ve worked hard to get a beach-ready [...]... Continue Reading »

Stay Fit in the Heat

19 Jul 2010
With temperatures hitting record-highs here in New England, it’s hard to stay motivated to exercise. This can be the best time to enjoy all the indulgences of summer: the beach, ice-cold drinks, frozen dessert, barbecues, and anything that may involve exerting very the least amount of effort so you’ll avoid breaking into an unwanted sweat. [...]... Continue Reading »

Growing Your Training Business During Economic Downturns: Small-Group Training Workshops

19 Oct 2008
Fall can be a profitable time of year to get business starting back again! When summer comes around, clients take the time to enjoy vacations and pleasant weather at the expense of structured exercise. Fall is a great time to run special promotions and training packages to get clients back into the swing of working [...]... Continue Reading »

Keeping Fitness Fun in the Summer: Lunchtime Walks

20 Aug 2008
So you’re having trouble exercising before and after work? Why not try to include something during work? Your lunch-break may be a good time to get some exercise on your way to pick up some fuel. For this mid-day workout, you’ll have to get outside on a mild, sunny day. You’ll take a break from [...]... Continue Reading »

Keeping Fitness Fun in the Summer: At the Company Softball Game

6 Aug 2008
Summer can be a great time to pick up an outdoor sport. Whether you’re a long-time athlete or a newbie to all sports, participating in a recreational past-time can be a good, healthy change of pace from traditional exercise. Local fitness and athletic centers often offer lessons and opportunities to compete in individual and team [...]... Continue Reading »

Keeping Fitness Fun in the Summer: At the Beach

23 Jul 2008
It’s hard to keep your focus on exercise and healthy choices when you’re ready to kick back and enjoy the summer. Luckily enough, working out in the summer doesn’t have to be as burdensome as it was when you made those New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, summer may be the best and most convenient time [...]... Continue Reading »

Exercising Outdoors, Part 2

3 May 2008
For new exercisers, squats are a great way to strengthen and shape your lower body, and they’re generally a safe, efficient exercise for everyone. To do a squat, start by standing tall with your feet hip-width apart. Be sure to squeeze your abs and dig your heels into the ground so that most of your [...]... Continue Reading »

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