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7 Gifts That Matter: A Post for the Holidays

18 Dec 2014
This post may be too late if you have your holiday shopping done. But if you’re like me, you may have a person or two left on your list And if not, maybe it’s worth sharing in case anyone’s still in the giving mood. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about healthy or socially [...]... Continue Reading »

Running Basics for Obstacle Race Training: 2 More Running Workouts

8 Apr 2013
Running. It’s the cornerstone for obstacle race training. If you want to finish an obstacle race, you should be able to run your race distance before the big day. A little while ago, I wrote an article for AskTheTrainer.com (ATT) on four running workouts helpful for obstacle racing. These four workouts will all help build your [...]... Continue Reading »

Running Fitness Training Tips: A Guide for Beginners

27 Mar 2012
Are you taking up running to make progress with your fitness goals? Are you an aspiring newbie with your long-term goals set on traditional and/or obstacle races? Whether you’re running for fitness or sport, this activity calls for more than just time on the treadmill or jaunts outdoors. To make the most out of your [...]... Continue Reading »

Foam Rolling for Runners & Mudders: Peak & Prevent Injuries on Race Day

22 Mar 2012
If you’ve been training hard regularly, you may have noticed soreness and muscle tweaks after a while that sort of persist after your routine cool-down stretches. To recover from them, you may give yourself a couple extra days of rest or get a deep muscle tissue massage to work out the kinks. Luckily, though, there’s [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Racing & Running Fitness At Home

1 Mar 2012
Thanks to a recent poll on my Facebook page, here is a program you can do 2-3x/week that will complement both your obstacle race training and running fitness goals. This program is also a good overall total body workout you can complete at home. With the exception of one exercise, all you need is your [...]... Continue Reading »

10 More Running Exercises

4 Jan 2012
If you’ve gone through the 8 basic running exercises I posted last month, you may be ready for a new challenge. If you’re a long-time runner or looking to improve your fitness for an obstacle course race, you may need an intermediate or advanced routine. Look no further. These 10 exercises are for you. They [...]... Continue Reading »

8 Basic Running Exercises

16 Dec 2011
If you want to join the 50 million Americans that enjoy running, where do you start? You’ll need both a running program and complementary resistance program.... Continue Reading »

Run Safely without Breaking the Bank: The Physical & Fiscal Demands of Running

9 Dec 2011
If you’re thinking of exchanging (or enhancing) your fitness program with running, are you physically and financially prepared for it?... Continue Reading »

Running: The Mainstay in Sports & Fitness Participation

28 Nov 2011
When consumers were still keeping a close eye on their spending dollars, running was one sport that recreation enthusiasts didn’t give up on. According to the Physical Activity Council, running held its ground over the recession years with 41.1 million Americans participating in 2008 and 42.5 million participating in 2009. ... Continue Reading »

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