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10 Benefits of Aerobic Endurance

24 May 2016
Aerobic endurance is not only a must for obstacle racing, but also an essential for general fitness, overall health and many other sports. What is aerobic endurance and how can it benefit you? ... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Myths of Obstacle Racing

28 Apr 2016
Over the sport’s young history, several beliefs and myths have formed around obstacle racing. If you’re someone who’s thinking about trying an obstacle race, some of these myths may have prevented you from taking the next step: actually signing up. Which are true and which are smokescreens? Let’s find out. Myth 1: Obstacle racing is [...]... Continue Reading »

5 Footwear Options for Obstacle Racing

12 Apr 2015
A couple years ago, I wrote a post on some of the popular obstacle racing shoes available then. A lot has changed, including the availability of the footwear reviewed in the post! Before, we only had a couple options to choose from for race day. Now, there are several athletic footwear companies that make treads [...]... Continue Reading »

Featured Obstacle Race: BADASS Dash

31 Mar 2015
Today’s featured race is BADASS Dash. If you haven’t taken on a BADASS Dash event yet, try to get out to one this year! BADASS Dash, founded in 2012, offers a few different races for various fitness levels, ages, and interests. This year, 8 events are planned so far in the U.S. and Canada, so check [...]... Continue Reading »

12 Obstacle Course Races (OCRs) for Beginners

18 Feb 2015
The obstacle racing season has already started in some parts of the U.S. If you live in Florida, Texas, and other warm states, you may have already done one at least once. If you are a beginner looking for your first race or a veteran seeking your first challenge of the season, check out these [...]... Continue Reading »

7 Gifts That Matter: A Post for the Holidays

18 Dec 2014
This post may be too late if you have your holiday shopping done. But if you’re like me, you may have a person or two left on your list And if not, maybe it’s worth sharing in case anyone’s still in the giving mood. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about healthy or socially [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Course Race Review: The Beach Raid

29 Sep 2014
Last month, I posted some training and footwear tips for beach runs and obstacle races. Since then, I ran my first OCR on the beach, the Beach Raid, organized by the RAID series. In prep for the race, my training focused on some of the things I pointed out in the post: lower leg strength [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Race Review: Urban Raid Boston

21 Jul 2014
The review below was written by wife, Marisol. I dragged her into participating in the Urban Raid, and thankfully she doesn’t regret it :). You can click here to read my review on Mud and Adventure. Loud cheers….fun costumes…..smiles all around….music…..It was almost enough to calm whatever nerves I had about doing it. I had ... Continue Reading »

An Interview with Joe De Sena

18 Apr 2014
This morning, I sent Spartan Race media interview questions for an ebook I’m working on, expecting (with hope) a response sometime over the next few weeks. Thanks to Daniel Krueger with Spartan media and the founder himself, Joe De Sena answered my questions within a few hours! I wasn’t expecting to share the interview until [...]... Continue Reading »

Viking Race Brings Obstacle Course Racing to Norway this summer!

14 May 2013
If you’re in Norway or planning a trip to Norway this summer, be sure to check out the Viking Race! Inspired by the Viking Age and Norse mythology, Viking Race – the first ever Norwegian obstacle course race – will be held in Oslo this summer on Saturday, August 24th. Viking Race will feature a [...]... Continue Reading »

Run Like Hell: Agility Training for Zombie Obstacle Course Races

29 Apr 2013
Zombie-themed obstacle races can be a great a first mud run for beginners. When I ran Run For Your Lives, obstacle athletes of all fitness levels took their best shot at escaping from the undead. Most beginner obstacle race training programs will help you build a foundation for fitness for a 5k zombie run. Some [...]... Continue Reading »

Win a Free Rugged Maniac Entry!

6 Mar 2013
The Rugged Maniac is arguably among the top 10 obstacle race organizers. This year, the Rugged Maniac is hosting 20 events nationwide. This 5k obstacle race is filled with more than 15 challenges to keep you on your toes! Thanks to an interview with Rob Dickens of Rugged Races last year, obstacles will challenge all [...]... Continue Reading »

Featured Obstacle Course Race: Rebel Race

26 Feb 2013
Today’s featured race is the Rebel Race. The Rebel Race has at least 6 events planned in 2013. More than 28,000 fans follow the Rebel Race on Facebook. Here’s more information on this obstacle race, thanks to an interview with Rebel Race Media. Obstacle Course Race Rebel Race Number of Miles Rebel Race 5k Rebel [...]... Continue Reading »

2,000 take part in North Florida’s Rugged Maniac and other obstacle race & mud run news

21 Feb 2013
2,000 take part in Waldo’s Rugged Maniac 5K (Gainesville.com) The Rugged Maniac Race travels to 20 different locations around the country to give people the opportunity to challenge themselves and have a blast outdoors, said Rob Dickens, chief operating officer for Rugged Races. The race this weekend was one of Rugged Races’ ... Continue Reading »

What to Wear to an Obstacle Course Race: Mud Run Shoes & Footwear

18 Feb 2013
Read the most recent My Exercise Coach post on obstacle racing footwear. You’ve been working hard training regularly, preparing for your obstacle race. Now that you are ready for race day, what are your feet wearing to endure the race? What shoes are best for your obstacle race or mud run? Obstacle race-specific footwear should be [...]... Continue Reading »

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