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Aerobic Endurance Training: The Who, When & Where

14 Jun 2016
This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Aerobic EnduranceThis is the second part of a series of five posts on aerobic endurance training. Stay tuned by signing up for blog updates to be notified when other posts are published. Check out part 1: 10 Benefits of Aerobic Endurance. Now that you’re familiar [...]... Continue Reading »

10 Benefits of Aerobic Endurance

24 May 2016
Aerobic endurance is not only a must for obstacle racing, but also an essential for general fitness, overall health and many other sports. What is aerobic endurance and how can it benefit you? ... Continue Reading »

SMART Goals for Obstacle Racing

30 Mar 2016
You’ve probably heard of the acronym before: SMART. Used as a guideline for goals ranging from project management to personal development, SMART is a helpful rule of thumb to keep in mind as an aspiring or seasoned athlete. Here’s how to use SMART to make the most of of your training program. 1. Specific S stands [...]... Continue Reading »

6 Tips for Obstacle Racing in the Cold Winter

6 Jan 2016
Obstacle racing can be a year-round sport, depending on where you live. If you’re close to the equator, you’ll probably need some words of wisdom on racing in the heat, regardless of the season. But if you’re in parts north and you have a local obstacle race planned over the winter, you’ll need to take [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Racing in the Heat: 7 Tips

13 Aug 2015
If you have an obstacle race anytime in the summer, chances are you’ll have to contend with the challenges brought on by hot, sweltering temperatures. And if you live in warmer climates, you probably have to deal with extreme heat throughout the year. Obstacle racing in the heat can be dangerous if you fail to take [...]... Continue Reading »

6 Weeks To An Obstacle Challenge

19 Jun 2015
I was recently emailed a question on how to structure your exercise program for a Tough Mudder when you’re 6 weeks away from the event. With hundreds, maybe thousands, of obstacle events worldwide now, chances are many of you may be about 6 weeks away from a race. If this is you, you should have built [...]... Continue Reading »

5 Footwear Options for Obstacle Racing

12 Apr 2015
A couple years ago, I wrote a post on some of the popular obstacle racing shoes available then. A lot has changed, including the availability of the footwear reviewed in the post! Before, we only had a couple options to choose from for race day. Now, there are several athletic footwear companies that make treads [...]... Continue Reading »

36 Weeks To A Spartan Super

19 Jan 2015
Beginners, train for a Spartan Super in 36 weeks. Several weeks ago, a reader left a comment on this blog asking how to train for a Spartan Super in 40 weeks. Based on the outline in this post, you may be able to get ready in 36 weeks.... Continue Reading »

9 Burpees Every Athlete Should Master

29 Oct 2014
Even though the OCR season is pretty much winding down, there are still some events left to enjoy in 2014! For me, it’s the Spartan Race at Fenway Park in mid-November. I’m looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. Why? For most of this year, I’ve dealt with minor injuries and [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Course Race Review: The Beach Raid

29 Sep 2014
Last month, I posted some training and footwear tips for beach runs and obstacle races. Since then, I ran my first OCR on the beach, the Beach Raid, organized by the RAID series. In prep for the race, my training focused on some of the things I pointed out in the post: lower leg strength [...]... Continue Reading »

Beach Runs & OCRs: Training & Footwear Tips

26 Aug 2014
If you live near a shoreline, you may be familiar with the footwear you need for an occasional (or daily) beach run or workout. Since I’ll be running my first-ever obstacle race on the beach next month, I’ve been searching for the right shoe. Finding clear-cut recommendations hasn’t been easy as the proper running shoe seems to [...]... Continue Reading »

75 Obstacle Race Training Tips

7 Jul 2014
If you’ve come across this site as a result of an online search, you’ve probably noticed that MyExerciseCoach.net has a lot of content on obstacle race training and preparation. Although these posts target beginners, tips and workouts may also apply to you if you have an OCR or two under your belt. These 75 tips [...]... Continue Reading »

Run Like Hell: Agility Training for Zombie Obstacle Course Races

29 Apr 2013
Zombie-themed obstacle races can be a great a first mud run for beginners. When I ran Run For Your Lives, obstacle athletes of all fitness levels took their best shot at escaping from the undead. Most beginner obstacle race training programs will help you build a foundation for fitness for a 5k zombie run. Some [...]... Continue Reading »

Running Basics for Obstacle Race Training: 2 More Running Workouts

8 Apr 2013
Running. It’s the cornerstone for obstacle race training. If you want to finish an obstacle race, you should be able to run your race distance before the big day. A little while ago, I wrote an article for AskTheTrainer.com (ATT) on four running workouts helpful for obstacle racing. These four workouts will all help build your [...]... Continue Reading »

What to Drink After Your Race – Celebratory Beverages

28 Mar 2013
Many race organizers host a post-race party to commemorate your accomplishment. Oftentimes, once you’ve finished a challenging obstacle course race, you may even be awarded a free drink. But if you want to make healthy beverage choices and enjoy the celebration, what are the best alcoholic drink options? Let’s look at some of the typical [...]... Continue Reading »

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