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7 Gifts That Matter: A Post for the Holidays

18 Dec 2014
This post may be too late if you have your holiday shopping done. But if you’re like me, you may have a person or two left on your list And if not, maybe it’s worth sharing in case anyone’s still in the giving mood. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about healthy or socially [...]... Continue Reading »

Athlete of the Month: Anna Glezer

15 Aug 2012
This month’s athlete is Anna Glezer from San Francisco, California. Anna is an active obstacle athlete and participates in several sports and fitness activities beyond mud runs. Her most recent athletic pursuits include climbing Kilimanjaro and completing the San Francisco Progressive Marathon. Athletic Experience Sports & Fitness ... Continue Reading »

A Tough Mindset for All Obstacle Races

13 Aug 2012
The challenges of an obstacle race typically go beyond endurance and strength. If you’ve taken on a challenge like a Spartan Race, you may already know this. You may even be familiar with the mental aspect just from your training. Regardless of the race you take on: be it a long run or a 5k [...]... Continue Reading »

Athlete of the Month: Tom Licciardello

16 Jul 2012
Hello everyone! Today’s post is hopefully the first one of many. To celebrate obstacle racing and fitness achievements, I’m starting a regular installment featuring profiles of obstacle racers and other athletes. You don’t have to be a seasoned Spartan Race winner to be here. You may have just tried one or two 5k races. Maybe you’re [...]... Continue Reading »


5 Jul 2012
If you follow Seth Godin’s blog, this post should ring a bell. Here’s some motivation to keep training hard a la Seth. Out-train Outlift Outrun Outrace Outplay Outplan Outfuel Outhelp Outprep Outrest Outclimb Outwork Outlive Steven Leggett via Compfight... Continue Reading »

5 Keys for a Lasting Resolution

21 Dec 2011
Now that the year is almost over, it’s the time to start thinking about resolutions for the new one! Health clubs love this time of year–it’s when many well-intentioned consumers join a gym club to take a step towards improved fitness But once March (or even February) hits, many fall off the bandwagon and resolutions [...]... Continue Reading »

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