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Expect the best from your health club, Part 2

8 Jul 2011
Based on the example successful club brands like Gold’s Gym establish, what can we expect from the industry looking ahead? Gold’s story illustrates a couple of lessons to learn from the health club industry: 1) the industry has grown increasingly competitive, and 2) the best companies listen to their consumers and respond intelligently to ... Continue Reading »

Expect the best from your health club, Part 1

5 Jul 2011
Club Industry recently reported that Gold’s Gym is in talks to buy Bally. Although the sources of this rumor are not clear, this claim is enough to make heads turn. It’s the story of a successful business in a position to acquire what could be considered a long-time rival. Growing up with an interest in [...]... Continue Reading »

Growing Your Training Business During Economic Downturns: Small-Group Training Workshops

19 Oct 2008
Fall can be a profitable time of year to get business starting back again! When summer comes around, clients take the time to enjoy vacations and pleasant weather at the expense of structured exercise. Fall is a great time to run special promotions and training packages to get clients back into the swing of working [...]... Continue Reading »

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