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Calling All Trainers & Exercisers

6 Feb 2011

Recently, The Economist covered the topic of income inequality in the U.S. According to research, 18.3% of the U.S. population hold 85% of the country’s wealth. The last time the country saw comparable stats was in 1929 when roughly 18.4% of individual in the U.S. held the same share of the nation’s income. A related NPR story reported that the bottom 40% of earners generate 0% of America’s income.

What does this mean to the fitness industry? Given the income disparities, how can club owners and fitness professionals best serve the American public? As a consumer, how can you find an exercise outlet that fits your budget?

The good news is that the fitness industry caters to a wide demographic. The benefits of regular exercise can be reaped by all, regardless of income level. From the luxurious health clubs to the budget friendly facilities, there is a health club for virtually all price points. Some health clubs also offer pay-as-you-go options.

You can also find price-friendly exercise instruction. Fitness professionals offer personal training and exercise instruction in a variety of formats: one-on-one, partner, small & large groups, and even online coaching. You can train with your coach as frequently as a few times a week for ongoing accountability or as little as once every few weeks for an updated exercise program.

Regardless of your budget, the fitness industry is there to serve you, the consumer, for the betterment of your health and quality of life. Take advantage of the sources out there to find the right fit for you. Check out IHRSA’s healthclubs.com to find a gym right for you. Go to IDEA Fitness Connect to search for a certified coach to empower you towards your sports and fitness goals.

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