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12 Weeks. 22 Workouts. Your First Obstacle Race: A Beginner’s Training Manual


Need a Roadmap to Teach you the Basics of Obstacle Race Training & Prepare You for Your First Obstacle Race?

12 Weeks. 22 Workouts. Your First Obstacle Race: A Beginner’s Training Manual will help you get in shape for your first obstacle race!

12 Weeks_22 Workouts Cover

This ebook will help you build running endurance, improve strength, and master obstacle-specific exercises to be in race-ready shape.

Once you’ve completed this 12-week training program, you’ll be prepared to finish your first race!

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To Be Ready for An Obstacle Race, You Need to Train for Obstacle-Specific Challenges


Build endurance to cover at least three miles.

Running dark


Traverse under barriers, barbed wires, and through tunnels.


Scale ropes, cargo nets, and walls.


Lift & Carry

Haul sandbags, logs, and other heavy objects


Leap over flames and other hurdles.

Fire jump image


Use proper mechanics to complete jumps safely.


Support your weight through monkey bars and other horizontal bars.


Move through monkey bars and air loops.


Hold steady over beams and other unstable platforms.

What You Get

Your First Obstacle Race: A Beginner’s Training Manual is a 60-page training manual with 22 workouts:

A 12-week running program
You’ll start with jog-walking intervals and build up to running for 30 consecutive minutes (14 workouts total)

A 12-week strength & flexibility program (with descriptions and illustrations)

4 basic strength workouts
3 total body training circuits
1 active recovery routine

Who This Program Is Best For

If you’re new to obstacle racing and a structured training program, this program is ideal for you. This program is also good if you’ve participated in, but didn’t finish, an obstacle race.

If you find most workouts for obstacle race training too advanced, this program will simplify things. You’ll start with baby steps, building a foundation of strength and endurance. As your physical conditioning improves through this program, you’ll take on advanced strength circuits and work up to running to 2-4 miles without resting.

After completing this program, you’ll have the confidence, strength, and endurance to help you finish your first obstacle race!


Who This Program Is Not For

This program is not intended for advanced exercisers and/or veteran obstacle racers. If you’re looking for advanced training, this plan will be too easy for you.

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12 Weeks_22 Workouts Cover

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