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Athlete of the Month: Anna Glezer

15 Aug 2012

This month’s athlete is Anna Glezer from San Francisco, California. Anna is an active obstacle athlete and participates in several sports and fitness activities beyond mud runs. Her most recent athletic pursuits include climbing Kilimanjaro and completing the San Francisco Progressive Marathon.

Athletic Experience

Sports & Fitness
Trapeze (4 years, 2-3x/week)
Martial Arts (currently Muay Thai)
San Francisco Progressive Marathon
Climbed Kilimanjaro

Obstacle Races
Warrior Dash
Zombie Run for your Lives
Gladiator Rock and Roll Run

What has been your favorite obstacle race so far?
My first race (Warrior Dash) has probably been my favorite because, in part, of the novelty as well as a good mix of mud and obstacles. The last one (Gladiator Run) was great because there were many obstacles I hadn’t previously encountered in other races, including a challenging pyramid climb. For my next one, I will likely look for a race that focuses on the obstacles and less on the muddy running, as fun as that is.

What is the most challenging obstacle you’ve encountered in an obstacle race?
I’d say the pyramid wall was the hardest. It’s basically an inclined wall that you climb up with ropes, but it’s the last obstacle, which means you are completely muddy and have no traction.

How did you train for an obstacle race?
I think the combination of all the activities I do – trapeze, rock climbing, hiking, jogging, bootcamps – prepare me well for the obstacles. I would say the upper body exercises in particular (trapeze and climbing) are great for the rope and wall climbs that are often in obstacle courses, while the cardio (jogging and hiking) is good prep for the endurance parts

Any words of wisdom for new obstacle athletes?
I would say the most fun part of races (the kind with and without obstacles) is the energy of a group of people getting together and having this physical goal to accomplish. The obstacle races in particular also have a lot of camaraderie, with fellow runners helping you through challenging obstacles. That’s what I would say to first-timers: grab a group of friends and be prepared to have a good time!


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