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6 Ways to Improve Flexibility, Part 1: Set goals (again)

9 May 2008

It seems nowadays we’re all aware of the importance of improving flexibility. In fact, one of the common goals exercisers and clients have are no longer just weight loss and strength-related. Becoming more limber is an aim for many exercisers, athletes and non-athletes alike.

Making improvements in flexibility starts the same way as any other fitness goal: through setting specific, measurable goals. What motivated you to improve your flexibility? Why would you like to be more flexible? Developing clearly defined goals along with relevant assessments will establish the right foundation for your flexibility programming.

Would you like to relieve some tightness in your back, neck, and arms? Warm up properly before a workout or activity to prevent injuries? Gain a little more range of motion in your golf swing? All of these goals will require a unique, specific flexibility exercise plan balanced with your needs. Think of your goals, write them down, and discuss them with a fitness specialist before you schedule a flexibility assessment and evaluation.

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