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33,000 Participate in Leading Obstacle Races in January

31 Jan 2012

Roughly 33,000 participants took on leading obstacle races in January such as the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, and others.

Tough Mudder: est. 20,000
Warrior Dash: 7,653
WD – Central Florida: 7,653
Spartan Race: 5,100


February Events
Top Races
Super Spartan – Arizona: February 11
Metro Dash – Houston, TX: February 11
Tough Mudder – Georgia: February 11 & 12
Metro Dash – Dallas, TX: February 18
Rugged Maniac – Jacksonville, FL: February 25
Metro Dash – Auston, TX: February 25
Super Spartan – Miami, FL: February 25
Tough Mudder – SoCal: February 25 & 26

Other Races
Snow Dash – Echo Mountain, CO: February 4
Tundra Challenge – Michigan: February 11 & 12



Below are popularity indicators as of Monday, January 30. I’ve added the Zombie 5k obstacle race, Run For Your Lives – they’ve developed a notable following on FB and Twitter.
Tough Mudder
FB Fans: 1,644,131
Twitter Followers: 27,697

Warrior Dash
FB Fans: 765,890
Twitter Followers: 19,110

Spartan Race
FB Fans: 760,802
Twitter Followers: 20,637
Run for Your Lives
FB Fans: 97,833
Twitter Followers: 5,742

Rugged Maniac
FB Fans: 96,968
Twitter Followers: 712

Metro Dash
FB Fans: 74,287
Twitter Followers: 609

Hero Rush
FB Fans: 38,165
Twitter Followers: 659

Down & Dirty Mud Run
FB Fans: 29,412
Twitter Followers: NA

Dirty Dash
FB Fans: 22,745
Twitter Followers: 482

Dirty Girl
FB Fans: 21,154
Twitter Followers: 816

FB Fans: 14,516
Twitter Followers: 297


News Highlights

Mud obstacle courses offer fitness variety
Mud runs and obstacle races find their roots in horseback “Ride and Tie” races. From Muddy Buddy to Tough Mudder, these make fitness fun and challenging, a surefire cure for a case of workout doldrum.

Spartan Death Race Profile: Lisa Lunt
Ms. Lunt, a sprightly 29-year-old with way more energy than one might think humanly possible, is a Shrewsbury High School graduate from the class of 2000. She went on to earn a degree in sociology and criminology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. And now, living in Saugus and working in Danvers, she spends most of her free time doing one horrendous activity or another to train for her myriad physical endeavors, because none of her pursuits thus far have even brought her close to being ready for the death race…“I love the people, I love the experience, and I love the feeling,” she said. “The whole purpose is to show yourself you are stronger than your circumstances.”

Gather some friends and see that no obstacle is insurmountable for your team!
The team of Peter Clemente, Amy Arbolino, Kathy Flickinger-Rizzuto, Kim McGrath, Ajay Rao and Meredith Weiss, all of whom train at Clemente’s Martial Arts Academy and Fitness Center in Congers (New York), successfully completed such grueling competitions as the Spartan Race in June, the Warrior Dash in August, and the Rugged Maniac in November…This year Clemente’s team will compete in the Spartan Sprint in June, the Tri-State Rugged Maniac in July, the Warrior Dash in August, the Super Spartan in September, and the Tough Mudder in October.

Last-place finishers take pride in being Tough Mudders
It doesn’t matter where you finish as long as you tough it out to the end!…With less than 50 yards to go before crossing the Tough Mudder finish line, Stephen Sanders and Ryan Hart began jogging in place…Of the hundreds of Mudders to compete Sunday, the pair were last to cross the line. But for them, finishing last, meant they finished the toughest obstacle course in the world…For about six hours, Sanders and Hart pushed their physical and mental strength to the limit: tunneling through underground pipes, swimming in icy tanks, repelling walls, climbing massive rope nets and mud hills, hauling tree logs and wading through swamp, all for the glory of bragging rights.

Dial (R) for Men Gets Dirty with Spartan Race Partnership
Dial(R) for Men, the personal care brand that encourages men to get their dirt on, is the presenting partner of the 2012 Spartan Race series. Spartan Race, the global leader in Obstacle Racing since 2005, hosts obstacle course races through mud and trails to test one’s resilience, strength, stamina, and quick decision-making skills. Dial for Men brand will sponsor all 38 US Races which kick-off January 28 in Temecula, CA. Dial for Men products will be available for Spartan Race participants after their quest for mud, muck, and glory is complete. Spartan warriors will be supplied Dial for Men body wash at the shower stations to wash away the toils of the course and get back to clean.

Personal Best Workouts Have Their Limits
While public health officials bemoan the tendency of most people to do little exercise, if any, physiologists are fretting over the opposite trend: an increasing focus on extreme exercise among some recreational athletes. Weight lifting with no rest between sets and with no days off. Endurance training with no easy days or days off. Competitions that encourage excess…It’s not so easy to strike the right balance between exertion and rest, researchers say. Do too little, and the results may be disappointing…You should feel tired, said John Raglin, a sports psychologist at Indiana University. But if you do too much with too little rest, your performance gets worse, not better.

“Serious athletes recognize these issues — whether they respond to them or not is another matter,” Dr. Raglin said. “A lot of recreational athletes really have no idea…The importance of recovery is a big topic in exercise science,” Dr. Raglin said. “It hasn’t filtered down to the serious recreational athlete.”

The Power of Sleep
Getting high quality z’s will do wonders for your obstacle race training…During sleep, the body goes through 100-minute cycles of levels of sleep; the deepest occurs the earliest, in the first third of the sleep. During this time, the body physically restores itself, including muscle growth and hair growth. As sleep gets shallower throughout the night, the body enters into a cycle known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM). This is when the muscles are paralyzed but the sleep is shallow…If the body is deprived of either one of these cycles, the result is not just physical impairment but cognitive and emotional impairment as well. In short, a person is tired, moody, lacks judgment and patience and can’t concentrate. Worse, the body can’t make up for sleep loss, either.


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