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3 Aerobic Endurance Guidelines for Obstacle Athletes

31 Aug 2016
This post is a bonus from a five-installment series on aerobic endurance training. Aerobic endurance has obvious utility for obstacle racing. Some elite obstacle athletes spend up to 75% of their training program focused on building aerobic endurance. To make it through most races, you need to have endurance. ... Continue Reading »

3 Injury Prevention Tips: Aerobic Endurance Training

22 Jul 2016
This is the last installment of a five-post series on aerobic endurance training. Ready to get started on an aerobic endurance training program? Getting started is the most important thing, but once you’ve made the commitment, it’s important to keep in mind safety tips so you can train for endurance with as few setbacks as possible.... Continue Reading »

Aerobic Endurance: 3 Level-Up Techniques

27 Jun 2016
This is the fourth installment of a five-post series on aerobic endurance training. Once you’ve chosen an activity, there are a few techniques you can use to add some variety to your aerobic endurance program. Let’s start where we left off in Part 3: cross-training.... Continue Reading »

Top 5 Aerobic Endurance Activities

20 Jun 2016
This is the third installment of a five-post series on aerobic endurance training. If you’ve read parts 1 and 2 of this series, hopefully you are sold on the benefits of regular aerobic activity for you. And if you are an aspiring obstacle athlete, the benefits of aerobic endurance are especially important.... Continue Reading »

Aerobic Endurance Training: The Who, When & Where

14 Jun 2016
This is the second part of a series of five posts on aerobic endurance training. Stay tuned by signing up for blog updates to be notified when other posts are published. Check out part 1: 10 Benefits of Aerobic Endurance. Now that you’re familiar with the general benefits of aerobic endurance, let’s get into who [...]... Continue Reading »

10 Benefits of Aerobic Endurance

4 running
24 May 2016
Aerobic endurance is not only a must for obstacle racing, but also an essential for general fitness, overall health and many other sports. What is aerobic endurance and how can it benefit you? ... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Myths of Obstacle Racing

28 Apr 2016
Over the sport’s young history, several beliefs and myths have formed around obstacle racing. If you’re someone who’s thinking about trying an obstacle race, some of these myths may have prevented you from taking the next step: actually signing up. Which are true and which are smokescreens? Let’s find out. Myth 1: Obstacle racing is [...]... Continue Reading »

SMART Goals for Obstacle Racing

30 Mar 2016
You’ve probably heard of the acronym before: SMART. Used as a guideline for goals ranging from project management to personal development, SMART is a helpful rule of thumb to keep in mind as an aspiring or seasoned athlete. Here’s how to use SMART to make the most of of your training program. 1. Specific S stands [...]... Continue Reading »

6 Tips for Obstacle Racing in the Cold Winter

6 Jan 2016
Obstacle racing can be a year-round sport, depending on where you live. If you’re close to the equator, you’ll probably need some words of wisdom on racing in the heat, regardless of the season. But if you’re in parts north and you have a local obstacle race planned over the winter, you’ll need to take [...]... Continue Reading »

Obstacle Racing in the Heat: 7 Tips

13 Aug 2015
If you have an obstacle race anytime in the summer, chances are you’ll have to contend with the challenges brought on by hot, sweltering temperatures. And if you live in warmer climates, you probably have to deal with extreme heat throughout the year. Obstacle racing in the heat can be dangerous if you fail to take [...]... Continue Reading »

6 Weeks To An Obstacle Challenge

running-in mud
19 Jun 2015
I was recently emailed a question on how to structure your exercise program for a Tough Mudder when you’re 6 weeks away from the event. With hundreds, maybe thousands, of obstacle events worldwide now, chances are many of you may be about 6 weeks away from a race. If this is you, you should have built [...]... Continue Reading »

5 Footwear Options for Obstacle Racing

muddy shoes stockvault
12 Apr 2015
A couple years ago, I wrote a post on some of the popular obstacle racing shoes available then. A lot has changed, including the availability of the footwear reviewed in the post! Before, we only had a couple options to choose from for race day. Now, there are several athletic footwear companies that make treads [...]... Continue Reading »

Featured Obstacle Race: BADASS Dash

31 Mar 2015
Today’s featured race is BADASS Dash. If you haven’t taken on a BADASS Dash event yet, try to get out to one this year! BADASS Dash, founded in 2012, offers a few different races for various fitness levels, ages, and interests. This year, 8 events are planned so far in the U.S. and Canada, so check [...]... Continue Reading »

12 Obstacle Course Races (OCRs) for Beginners

english bulldog puppy outside in the grass
18 Feb 2015
The obstacle racing season has already started in some parts of the U.S. If you live in Florida, Texas, and other warm states, you may have already done one at least once. If you are a beginner looking for your first race or a veteran seeking your first challenge of the season, check out these [...]... Continue Reading »

36 Weeks To A Spartan Super

19 Jan 2015
Beginners, train for a Spartan Super in 36 weeks. Several weeks ago, a reader left a comment on this blog asking how to train for a Spartan Super in 40 weeks. Based on the outline in this post, you may be able to get ready in 36 weeks.... Continue Reading »

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